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The Peter Principle
Estimated reading time 1.5 minute

Within the corporate world, people are promoted based on their previous success in their previous role, regardless if they have the necessary skillset to succeed in their new role. This is why on the corporate ladder people could be at their highest level of incompetence.

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The ladder of inference

Have you ever wondered why we might jump to conclusions and subsequently realise that we might be only half right?

The ladder of inference will delve deeper into how we think, knowing how we arrived at our opinions and thoughts could help guard us against jumping to conclusions whenever we observe something or are having a conversation.

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Psychology of Money

Estimated reading time: 1.5 minute

An interesting perspective of how Ronald James Read managed to accumulate that much wealth while working as a janitor and a gas station attendant. After passing on, Ronald donated about 6 million USD to charities and 2 million USD to his stepchildren, caregivers, and friends.

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