Acropolis remains closed

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    ATHENS - STRIKING workers shut the Acropolis for a third day on Friday, but riot police were guarding the entrance to ensure Greece's most famous monument couldn't be taken over by protesters, a day after officers used tear gas to clear the entrance to the site.

    Dozens of protesting Culture Ministry workers gathered at the gates shortly after dawn, complaining they are owed up to two years' worth of back pay and face dismissal when their short-term contracts expire at the end of the month.

    The workers had been blockading the Acropolis since Wednesday, padlocking the gates and preventing anyone from entering. Riot police fired tear gas to clear the entrance to the site on Thursday morning, and deployed on Friday to prevent another takeover.

    Dozens of tourists hoping to tour the Acropolis' 2,500-year-old monuments stood outside the gates, watching the standoff.

    Full-time employees at the Acropolis were striking in support of the contract workers, but were due to end their strike at noon on Friday. It was unclear whether the site would then open to the public or whether the protesting contract workers would attempt to occupy the entrance one more.

    Acropolis remains closed

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