Additional income for all mummies


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this is no longer the generation whereby 1 in family works and the rest of us can study or stay home to focus on family welfare.

At this very fast pace island, both parents have to work but the bills are never ending, sometimes we don’t even have enough to afford a small getaway with our kids.

Definitely, one source of income is not enough! The only answer is to look for another income. It could be for anything, the rainy days, the new BTO you called Home, the vacation you have been wanting to go... etc. Nobody will tell you they have enough money.

I am not here to offer something that can make you rich overnight. I’m here to introduce a source of income but are you willing to work towards it? It offers to make a difference in other people’s lives, flexibility & most importantly, financial freedom. With financial freedom, you do not need to take AL to attend the event to see your kids, you can handle most of the situations without worrying about money, you can go to the countries your friends checked in with their family on Facebook.

If you are in the same team as me, and you are willing to take the first step, PM me.