advice needed: where should i go for fertility check, gynae or fertility centre

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by amy1974, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. amy1974

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    Hi all,

    my hubby and i have been trying for more than 1 year. after some discussion we decided to go for a check up so find the root cause. but where should i go to a gynae or a fertility centre for the fertility checkup for both me and my hubby.

    any recommendations

  2. florence_coey

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    I was in yr suitation before, tried for 6 mths. So we decided to seek an advise from a gynae and I'm now blessed with a cute 7mths baby! You may want to consult my gynae, he's popular. Can see him on tv ads and he give advise to pregant womens in mother and babies magz.
  3. Shashan

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    I've quite complicated infertility problem with me, tried a few popular gynae but unable to find the problem. Till I met Dr Yung su ling in SGH, she's the one who found my problem and using a kind of medicine that is under research in USA, and of course with good result obtain.
    Maybe u can try out...
  4. amy1974

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    Hi florence
    Can i have the detail of the gynae...


    Hi Shashan,

    tks for the info

  5. hapimint

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    Not sure if this help.... I went to polyclinic and got referral to KKH for fertility checks.... It was rather fast as I saw the doc at Polyclinic on a Thursday and went KKH for the first visit on the very next Monday...

    It depends if you have a budget or not... If not, can go private as I heard service much better...

    If like me, unsure of the cost that might incur and the tests that might come up, and I was thinking if really got problems, well, getting them to perform the necessary procedures might be more affordable for us. So we went for government. However, I heard that at Polyclinic, some choose to go SGH for the checks instead...better service....

    Basically, went for first consultation at KKH on Monday, then will ask basic details and do Papmear for me.... then will find out when is the next cycle then they work from there...

    Like, my hubby got to do a sperm analysis then I got to go in on the 2nd day and 21st day of my cycle to take blood and arrange 2 separate appointments, one for doing HSG and another to do scan of my womb....

    All tests are completed within a month as they want to complete it during your cycle and the review with the doc is about 2 weeks after every test is done..and we spent very little as it is subsidized..... only the HSG more exp... about $60 plus..... the rest is cheap...
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