Affordable and Effective Aesthetic Services

Alexis Yeo

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I just want to ask if you can recommend any clinic that offers affordable aesthetic services. I am looking for a friend of mine. She had severe acne breakout when she's pregnant, and she was not able to find products that are safe for pregnant women before. She recently gave birth and she's looking for non-surgical services that can help get rid of her acne. I hope you can help me. Thank you!

SK Ung

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I was recommended by a friend of mine whom got married recently, desperate in wanting to look better but with a budget. She chance upon S Aesthetics at scotts medical center. met Dr Sii to sort out her skin before her wedding, and omg it got so much better. went for the medical deep cleansing facial, only at $150? Laser was $160. you should try!


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Look for Janice for appt with the skin doctors. 9889 8192
South bridge asethetics.
Price reasonable. Service is great.
1st trial happy hour off peak rate for hydra and carbon.

I am super into skincare and been sharing this clinic who really need help when skincare dont seem to absorb and give issues.

Hope it helps.


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My girlfriend had very bad breakouts too post pregnancy. Now she has magically dewy good skin. Her beauty secret was her monthly aesthetic treatments. She sees Dr Daniel Chang in town. I will probably visit too once i deliver!


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I’m selling this Germany ampoule whereby it is SGS & HSA approved. It is safe on nursing and breastfeeding mums where I’m using it too.

Do take a look
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