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Discussion in 'Tampines' started by Cool Cotton, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Cool Cotton

    Cool Cotton Member

    Any mummies sent their kids to agape child care/ infant care at tampines branch??

    I am interested to send my 1yr baby there for the infant care program and eventually the child care program. So I need your feedbacks n comments on this centre..

  2. fioncess

    fioncess Well-Known Member

    i jus call 1 week ago.. there infant care is FUll!!
    you may wan to consider my first skool at simei. jus open for a couple of months....
  3. Cool Cotton

    Cool Cotton Member

    Yup.. They are full. I put my name in the waiting list. That's the only convenient centre for me. Simei is too troublesome for me..

    Agape to me is more ex compared to other centres but I dint mind paying provided that it's good..

    Any other mummies that send your kids there???
  4. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    My son is at Agape Little Uni @ Kallang.

    I like how they handle the kids there. My son will be going up to PG soon.
  5. chiro

    chiro Active Member

    just called them they say there should be vacancies available in July.
  6. Simple Mum21

    Simple Mum21 Member

    I just signed up my son who is 21 month old at Agape little uni @ serangoon. Lots of tension and worries going on in my head. Coz this will be the 1st time to send my kid away from home....
  7. venia_plena

    venia_plena Member

    Any feedback for agape little uni

    Hi mummies anyone of u had tried agape little uni at tampines, is there any feedback?
  8. Simple Mum21

    Simple Mum21 Member

    Re: Any feedback for agape little uni

    Hi there, i just shifted to Pasir Ris and there is crepe diam child care just opp my blk. So was thinking of sending my son who is 2years and 9months old... What do you think about it?
  9. venia_plena

    venia_plena Member

    Agape little uni had ended their contract, they are now known as picket fencing, they won't be using agape curriculums, taken in by them,
  10. Ekari

    Ekari Member

    What do you mean? Are you trying to say that Agape Uni still exist but its a separated now with this picket fencing and picket won't apply what agape used to apply?


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