Aircon Servicing/Repair????

Discussion in 'Mummy Cafe' started by wenz, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. wenz

    wenz Member

    anyone knows any fren or company who offer affordable and good aircon servicing/repair?
    my room's aircon is down with bad flu and is leaking badly and need someone to attend to it...
    please intro~~
  2. lynoh78

    lynoh78 New Member

    can contact mi sure resonable price 93686867
  3. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    i have one guy who has been servicing for my house aircon for the past 2 years.

    the leaking problem is most likely linked to chokage of the drainage pipes.

    if u r ok i can PM u his contacts.
  4. wenz

    wenz Member

    hi lynoh78, may i know how much is it range within?
  5. wenz

    wenz Member

    cancanmum, please pm me... how's his charges like??
  6. VroomVroomBoys

    VroomVroomBoys Alpha Male

    This just means your aircon has not been serviced (ie, cleaned) ... for how long already?
    Generally, the charges would be around $40 per coil fan (ie, outlet) plus a transportation charge of around $30 ... but they can waive this if you get them to service at least 3 coil fans.
    In other words, you should be looking at spending between $80 to $120.
    :wink: :wink:
  7. mich_liu82

    mich_liu82 Member

    I'm not too sure what kind of servicing you are talking about. I had my DAD's fren who came to do servicing, like cleaning all this because I 4 years never get anyone to check the air con at all. Each air con he charge $30.

    After he did the cleaning, which I see my air con I oso shake head (embarrass to say, its really filthy!) I could feel the difference, more cold lor...

    But if there are additional thing like repair all this den you need to check with him den. If you need his number, PM me. Thanks...
  8. Sgcarrental

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  9. Helenlim

    Helenlim New Member

    Think for reputablr aircon repair company you can try:
    Singapore Aircon Repair

    Aircon technicians are very well trained.
  10. FeliciaLim

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  11. Ninasky

    Ninasky Member

    We always use gaincity. So far so good. Fixed charges so no worries.
  12. NancyTeo

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  13. kidmummy

    kidmummy New Member

    I recommend you Glorgo, if you are not buying aircon from gain city, even big discount on aircon service, $50 off!
  14. phongky2013

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  15. Additional Blessing

    Additional Blessing New Member

    we went for Gain City Maintenance Plan - 3 times a year (it's a package)

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