Allergy, what shld I do?

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    I think Inez is allergy to egg yolk...

    This morning I cooked white rice porridge with sweet potato, cauliflower and egg yolk as her lunch and at around 7pm, I noticed little rash beside her mouth and under her lip..

    Is this the 'oral rash'? It look quite itch and a little swollen to me but Inez never scratch her mouth leh...

    What shld I do now? Bring her c pd or??
  2. jasobias

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    yup sounds like an allergy
    nothing u can do wht it will go down after a couple of days so dont worry abt it
    unless the rash starts to spread n she has breathing difficulties then u shld be very worried..but thts only for severe food allergies
    dont worry it will clear up b4 u know it..just lay off the eggs for now
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  3. apollo

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    stop giving egg yolk at the moment and try to re-intro it again mayb a mth later to confirm whether it is really allergy. if the rashes goes away aft few das, dun nd see doc i think. but if it worsen or ur girl has other symptons of allergies, den shd bring to doc asap =)
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  4. diymummy

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    Don't have to bring to the doctor. Just avoid egg yolk. My son was also allergic to egg yolk, which he outgrew at 12 mths and then later to egg white, which he outgrew at 18 mths.

    If the rash is really bad and spreads to his whole body, you can feed anti-histamine like Zyrtec. You can get it from the pharmacist at Watson's or Guardian. But if the rash is not affecting your child, eg, being excessively sleepy or itchy, the rash should subside by itself after a few hours.
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  5. sharonyi66

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    Thanks all mummies for the replies..

    Inez rash subsided the next morning.. Now i will stop egg yolk for the time being, hope she will outgrown it soon..

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