Amelia's Homemade Carrot Cake

When the going gets tough, the tough go steaming literally - carrot cakes that is, lotsa them. Behold Amelia's, an eponymous home-based venture which prides itself on its sassy, sedulously crafted Hong Kong-style 萝卜糕; fortuitously sprung from the kitchen of Mdm Amelia Teh during the circuit breaker period in May 2020, this two-man class act (hubby Elger Kua assumes chief logistics officer responsibilities) has since gained considerable social media traction, till date boasting nearly 10k Facebook and 6K Instagram followers.

Intermittent hobbyist chef ratcheted things up another notch

Before COVID-19 came raging, the couple owned a booming design cum printing business - their livelihoods however were thrown into severe disarray overnight when strict lockdown measures lasting almost 2 whole months enacted back then (7 April - 1 June 2020) put paid to existing as well as potential engagements. An incomeless predicament weighing heavy, compounded by friends and relatives who have long been ardent supporters of Mdm Teh's semi-occasional cooking egging her on, she eventually acquiesced to giving F&B a shot, hence Amelia's was born.

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