Amount of milk one month old drinks

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  1. sherz4628

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    Could anyone share with me the amount of milk (in ml) their one month old baby drinks? Please also indicate weight of baby, whether its breastmilk or formula as well as the time interval..thanks a lot.
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  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    when ds was 1 mth old he was ard 4.9kg and drank 120ml every 2hrs.

    every baby is diffe, some weight heavier, some lesser. some drink more, some lesser =)
  3. sherz4628

    sherz4628 Member

    My daughter is one month old now and she used to drink 100ml breastmilk every 2 hours..however, recently it seems its not enough and she would want to feed again after half an hour..that's why I would like some reference..

    She's 4.9kg at 3 weeks and doc is concerned that she's gaining too much weight too fast..I don't want to starve her but scared she eating too much also..
  4. diymummy

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  5. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    what is ur girl's birth weight? ds birth weight as 2.9kg and he was nearly 5kg when he was 5 week old. so he gained ard 2kg..
  6. sherz4628

    sherz4628 Member

    She was born 3.48kg and weighs 4.9kg during her three week check up.. So she gained about 1.4kg within 3 weeks..

    Did not weigh her recently as we don't have the weighing scale..
  7. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    i think is okay. cos we shd not judge by the weight, shd judge by hw much she gain. average weight to gain per mth shd be 800g - 1kg. ds was 2.9 and 5 week old he was 4.9, nearly 5kg. so he gained 2 kg is 5 weeks, pd said it was more than other babies but he also told us not to wry cos every baby is diffe =)
  8. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    mine baby at birth 3.62kg, 1st mth 5kg... feeds 120ml every 2 hrs
  9. shuffle

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    The rule of thumb is to offer him 2.5 ounces of formula per pound of body weight each day. If you bf, then let your baby decide. She'll unlatch when she has had enough.
  10. lushtear

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    Haan was 4.3kg at 1 month. Drinking ard 80 to 90ml of ebm every 2.5 hr.
  11. cmeilim

    cmeilim Active Member

    actually it may not be that helpful to compare because each baby is different and for the same baby, there can also be daily and other temporal fluctuations. if yr baby is breastfed, the more impt thing is to watch his cues and go along with it. make sure that his crying is really for milk and not due to some other reason. some babies will gain a lot of weight and chubbiness but not grow so much in terms of height. other babies the same age may use the nutrients more for growing in height but not so much in girth. but a few months later, their growth pattern will switch over, and compensate the lack of growth in either weight or height in the previous months. don't watch for week-by-week pattern but look at more of the overall growth over a quarter of a year. =)

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