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    Im in to my 3rd trim soon ... If i start drink annum preg powder milk nw izit too late ?? ANy mum here drink this ??

  2. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Too late for?

    Never too late to boost your calcium and other good stuff that comes from the milk. I think you can just buy 1 tin and finish it till you deliver. Then start on the one for breastfeeding mums.
  3. allycat

    allycat Active Member

    I actually didnt take any milk during my pregnancies :D
  4. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    I am not supportive of formula milk, for baby or for myself. Eat a balanced diet comprising of nutritious food, drink lots of water and top up with a pre-natal multi-vitamin (recommended by obgyn) if needed.
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    I mean am i too late to drink nw... Some recommend it to drink @ 1st trim..

  6. allycat

    allycat Active Member

    Sure, go ahead, as long as you are enjoying it :)
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    ^^ ... I think i will give it a try ..:tlaugh:
  8. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    i dun think it's too late. in fact, during the last tri, baby absorb more from ur body, so u will nd more calcuim. =)
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    I hope they come with small Tin or sell in packet... I nv try b4 so i scare i dun like e taste = ="
  10. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    it comes in a box, inside is a pack. so u gonna get an air-tight container to container it. wat i did was, just put the whole pack into the lock&lock. haha.. hmm, compared with other brands, i prefer anmum, cos not so sweet for me.. :tlaugh:
  11. kenxf_03

    kenxf_03 Member

    Hi mummy,

    its better late than never! haha! :001_302:

    For myself, I drank Anmum when i was preggie and its taste really good compare to others brand. Cos i found the other brands are much sweeter.. And I dont like the milk to be sweet sweet de..
  12. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Never too late one bah :)

    I drink because baby was quite small in 2nd tri , if you like & want , you can always drink ;)
  13. soapsoap

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    i have some annum sample pack,can share some with u, if u wan can pm mi
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    Sample pack ?? Did u get from they webby ?? I was lookin for for sample to try on.. Cos i myself dun like milk powder taste T.T
  15. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    i got them from KK, i can share some with u, PM me ur address
  16. babybull

    babybull Member

    Definitely not too late to start drinking now.

    when i was pregnant with my baby, her estimated weight was only 2kg at 34- 36 weeks, so i started drinking anmum on top of my usual meals to fatten her up. I was already well into 3rd trimester then. Drinking anmum seemed to help a lot, baby came out a healthy 2.7kg at 40 weeks.

    mind you, at 38 weeks she was still only 2.2kg such that my gynae sent me for another detailed scan just to ensure she's growing well despite the low weight gain.

    previously I had been taking 2 glasses of full-cream fresh milk daily throughout the pregnancy, but i think anmum has more calories? thus baby put on more at the end.

    so its not too late to start drinking now. =)
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    :err: KK ?? Hmmm ok alrd PM u ^^ Thk so much
  18. joanneang

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    i have start drinking anum millk powder in my 1st trim, if you dun like the smell you can try chococlate fav,i fnd both fav is not bad ,now im drinking silmilac... now is not too late ,enjoy drinking now.. is good for you n baby..
  19. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    i have receive it will post out on monday
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  20. cheryn

    cheryn New Member

    Anmum making mamas even fatter.. can alwaz replace it with other supplement:nah:

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