Another maid killed the baby

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mummy' started by hpc, May 9, 2016.

  1. hpc

    hpc Member

    Mum n dad,if are looking for a maid to look after ur little ones,think twice....
    Another maid killed the poor baby...
    Don't think they are great helper,can take care bb,do house work,do washing,cooking etc...
    U all come back from work care free but behind u anything can happen.
    Don't think u install cctv no problem,u are wrong....
    Please seek help from parents or relatives for help ,don't rely on maids,they are nuisance. ...
  2. binnacledon

    binnacledon New Member

    Omg.. So unfortunate event.
  3. Caringforyou

    Caringforyou New Member

    Poor innocent baby. The maid must be really discontented with her employers and work to have resorted to such an extreme method and taking it on the weak...
  4. Jenny Ho

    Jenny Ho New Member

    We need a guardian to guard the maid, it is not easy for work and taking care of kid. We also need to treat the maid as a human.
  5. dloreangel

    dloreangel New Member

    omg. so unfortunate and sad :(
    the mother would be so devasted

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