Any bad experience with confinement ladies?

hello, mummies, why some CL agree on something in the begining, say, can do this, do that, very experience but when
in actual doing work for us, difference, suddenly need additional charges then only do for us.

mine sometmes need to remind her, prepared for me, not she remind me.

do you all mummies experience this kind CL too ?


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Hi all, first of all, I am a daddy, not a mommy. And I registered today just to give my feedback on this confinement nanny as my experience with her was unpleasant enough for me to spend time doing this. The nanny is Auntie Mei Ling from JB.

To put things straight, i have no complaints about how she took care of my baby girl. As far as i can tell, she did an ok job and her cooking is fine. She is generally easy to get along with at first. But what really got me riled up is that she had alot of personal issues and kept asking for "permission" to go out.

Her exact reasons are:
(A) Son's customer hse undergoing renovation. need to go help settle stuff
(B) Meeting a potential client
(C) Daughter in law stuck at custom, need to save her
(D) Need to see a doc who is in SG for only a week
(E) Need to re-visit the same doc who is leaving SG soon
(F) Pass money to daughter for CNY
(G) 3 days to attend her relative's wake

In all, she asked to go out 7 occasions in 7 weeks with us. When she came back after the wake, she said that she had sprained her leg and may not be safe to carry my baby around. So we proposed for her to go over to my mum's place during the day just for a couple days so my mum and maid will be around to help. And her response was that she would rather leave the job if she had to go over. That was it for me and I told her to leave immediately as I don't think I can trust her with my baby when she showed this type of attitude. I did a check online and realized that there was another similar feedback about her way back in 2010 in this same forum.

So I guess if you are able to tolerate her behaviour, or if you could manage her better than i did, then she is fine. But if you are a first time mother who needs a lot of help from the nanny then you may want to reconsider. Personally, I couldnt say no to her requests as I had to entrust her with my baby but things got so bad that I rather cancel my plans and tell her to leave. I have my suspicion on what she is actually doing on those "off days" but i rather not speculate here.

Her details - Confinement Nanny Mei Ling / Meiling
+60149126928, 86798337


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Hi all

May I ask if anyone has any good or bad experience with this confinement lady called Fang Jie? Her mal hp ends with 95678. I am looking at hiring her soon.Can't find much comment about her so far. THere is another Fang jie with another hp no that i have found. I assume it's different person. Thanks for sharing in advance :)


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Hi all

May I ask if anyone has any good or bad experience with this confinement lady called Fang Jie? Her mal hp ends with 95678. I am looking at hiring her soon.Can't find much comment about her so far. THere is another Fang jie with another hp no that i have found. I assume it's different person. Thanks for sharing in advance :)
Hi, do u mind sharing with me the page where u saw details about the other Fang Jie? Wondering if she is the one I'm currently considering. Thanks!


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Hi, I know 1 confinement lady called Angelin (Feng Jie) through a facebook forum mum who intro her to me few days ago. I intend to deliver baby during CNY period via C-sect.

And when I contacted Feng Jie via her WhatsApp, I had a tremendous shock that she charges $6000 (includes start work ang bao $100, stop work ang bao $100......but EXCLUDES CNY ang bao etc) to work during CNY period. Her usual rate is actually $3000 (includes start work ang bao $100 & stop work ang bao $100 etc). So she will charge double to work during CNY period. She is the most expensive nanny I have asked around recently.

Most importantly, I don't know much about her service and attitude though the FB forum mum highly recommended her to me. But I am still worried even if I am willing to $6000 yet Feng Jie is unable to deliver or render her service, then all my $$$ will be wasted.....AND worst case, I don't have a confinement lady to help me during this difficulty times.
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Just wanted to share my unpleasant experience engaging a CL (黄金凤) from PEM.

1) Very aggressive sales consultant: the sales consultant is extremely pushy. If you google, you will realize this is not an isolated case, PEM’s sales are famed to be very pushy. They will try very hard to upsell you the herbal package and post-natal massage package, in addition to the CL service, to the extend of making false promises (I will elaborate later on this)

2) The herbal package: I didn't do any research prior to the meeting with PEM sales consultant, however, based on the sales consultant’s promise of “ability to get full refund on all unused herbal packs”, I bought and paid for the herbal, which is priced at SGD 390. As some moms already pointed out, herbal provided by PEM is of very inferior quality and hugely overly priced. I saw a similar 28 days confinement package from Eu Yan Sang at SGD 268. PEM’s package is from an unknown TCM. You make your own call if PEM overcharges its herbal package. The worst part came when I tried to return about ¾ of the herbal package, upon the early termination of the CL service due to lousy service, bad attitude and dishonesty (I will elaborate later), PEM refused to do a pro-rata refund and only agreed to refund 100 dollars (after charging a 20 dollar “pick-up” fee), claiming that some of the herbal returned is expired and cannot be reused after their physician assessment. How ridiculous is that? I didn't even open 3 out of 4 packs of the herbal and all along stored them in the fridge as instructed. What do they mean by “expired”? Upon dispute, they also refused to provide any transparency on what are the herbal packets that are expired. At the end, they even totally went back on their own words saying that herbal package could not be refunded and they refunded me 100 dollars out of good will, and that there is no proof that their sales consultant made such promises.

3) Post-natal massage package: to be fair, the post-natal massage was the only package that we completed and we were rather satisfactory with the service delivered by the Malay masseur. Pricing was also in line with market. No complaints on that.

4) The confinement lady: well, I guess you really have to count on your luck for the kind of nannies you get. In my case, we were extremely unlucky. But before going into details, I would like to comment on general qualities of PEM’s nannies. Firstly, they are generally not experienced. The first profile they gave me, which I declined straight away, had only 3 years experience. The second profile, which I accepted, had 6 years experience and according to PEM this is one of their more experienced ones already. Considering many nannies out there have more than 10 years, if not decades, of experience, PEM’s nannies seem to be very inexperienced. With hindsight, I am not surprised. Given that PEM take a significant commission out of nanny’s salary, experienced nannies with good reputation would go on their own once they have a big enough clientele which would provide them a strong referral base. The nanny I got was 64 years old, illiterate and unable to read but that was fine. I was appalled, however, by the below:

a. Bad attitude: she will retort you with “you know how many babies I have looked after in the past few years?”, when you try to ask her to do certain things differently. SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Well, as first time parents, I have to admit we are no experts. But we are no morons either and there is always google. I am not going into details, but her attitude definitely added stress to us rather than providing reassurance.

b. Lazy:we have a helper at home and she does all the household chores. The CL basically used my helper fully, making her do all the food preparation and most of the cooking too. The nanny in the very first day upon arrival, told us that she only cook 3 meals a a day, no afternoon tea, no supper, no desert and breakfast was always slices of bread with butter. She takes long afternoon naps, claiming that she couldn't rest well at night due to baby. In fact, she sleeps very well at night. There are a couple of times that I went in to check on the baby, baby was uneasy, almost crying but the nanny was sleeping like a baby, snoring!

c. Unhygienic: the nanny sweat like crazy! We stay on 22nd floor and it was super windy and she still sweat like crazy whenever she is moving around. She does wash her hands before handling the baby, but mostly with water only without using soap. I don't know if she cleans her hand at night after changing baby’s diaper and before feeding her, when we were not watching. My baby ended up with a tummy infection at 20 days of her life and she needs to be hospitalized – that's when I fired the CL. I am not saying she is confirmed the culprit, but highly possible, as she is the primary carer of my baby during that few weeks.

d. Dishonesty: this is the part that pissed me off most. She is dishonest. In order to make the baby sleep longer at night so that she can sleep longer, she always tried to feed baby with formula milk at night, despite we have ample BM stored in the fridge and we explicitly and repeatedly told her that we would like to exclusively BF the baby. She said ok, but she still fed baby with formula at night! Another dishonest act was during her last day after I decided to send her home. I was not thinking straight after my baby was admitted to hospital and counted my cash wrongly. I was supposed to give her 1900 as salary (on top of Ang Bao), but I counted 1950. She went into the room to count, for a good 10 min, and came out to say the amount was correct, and asked for a Ang Bao, which I did give. I only realized that I counted the wrong amount after she left. I was so sure because I counted 39 fifty dollar notes instead of 38, and I realized after I noticed 1 fifty dollar missing afterwards. I called PEM later on. When PEM asked the CL about it, she admitted, claiming that she didn't want to let my helper know her salary therefore never mentioned about additional 50 dollars I gave by mistake. What a joke!

Above is a fair recount of my experience with PEM recently. I would never engage this agency again in the future. You may want to learn from my experience and at least be careful before you engage their service!
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Wana share my bad experience with my cl.. her name is ah jiao from malaysia...the long and short of it is she "abandon" me 2.5 weeks into my confinement as her next client has given birth.. i gave birth in nov.. 2.5 weeks into my confinement, she informed me she need to leave for the next job.. originally i booked her for 6 weeks.. upon questioning, i found out that her next job is pre-agreed at cny price regardless of bb arrive early or not..since her next client bb arrive early in mid dec, she is adamant to leave even tho she haven complete my confinement as she is afraid of losing the lucrative cny beware if you hire her.. she might abandon you for a higher paying job.. no professionalism at all and cause me alot of stress during my confinement..


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Want to share my bad experience with my CL called Kuan or Ching/Qin jie from Malaysia. Her contact details are +60169337212/ 82679219.

1. She used the big ear buds meant for adults to clean my baby’s nose and ears when she was not supposed to. The CL was also very rough, continuing even when she cried badly. This caused her to have ear infections.

2. She is not supportive of breastfeeding, and kept insisting I buy formula, which she fed my baby girl at night even though I had excess frozen breast milk stored. I also insisted on direct latching my baby to reduce the possibility of nipple confusion in her first few weeks, however I walked in on the CL secretly feeding my baby the bottle against my wishes. Worst of all, the CL fell asleep while bottle feeding which is how I found out.

3. She brags about having multiple overseas assignments, but was clearly inexperienced when packing for an overseas trip. She was so last minute that she almost caused me to miss my flight. On the trip, she was also more interested in her "holiday" than looking after my baby.

4. She insisted on washing her own clothes in the washer-dryer separate from the other family member's clothes in the household even when I told my helper to wash the CL's clothing so as not to damage the machine (as it is only one set of clothes each time on a full cycle). She eventually spoilt the washer- dryer by forcing open the machine door before the dryer spinning cycle is complete.

5. She doesn't get along well with helpers and constantly scolded them, chasing away a couple of them during her tenure. She also breaks (many!) household items and puts the blame on them. There was once I found a baby sock in the trash and asked my helper about it- she said the CL instructed her to throw it away as the CL had lost the other side, even telling her “anyway there are so many, your ma’am wouldn’t know”.

6. She is gossipy and non-discrete even to strangers. I frequently have guests over, some of which are my hubby's business associates, and she doesn't feel shy to advertise her expertise to everyone, even sharing information about my breastmilk etc which is inappropriate. She also bad mouthed many of her past employers, which reflects badly of her as a person.

7. Soup was cooked in batches and frozen as she said boiling fresh soup is too much work. At one point I was drinking two week old soup and had stomach upset as a result. I also found hair in my confinement food a few times.

8. My utilities bill tripled during her stay here.

9. She is very quarrelsome and rude. A friend of mine also hired this CL as she was shamelessly giving out her number to my guests and I did not tell them about her bad behavior. I was told later that she was also asked to leave due to bad hygiene and attitude.

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