Any blood pressure monitor to Recommend?


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Dear all,

Am looking for blood pressure monitor.
I know got Omron, is it good?

Any particular brand is good that you can recommend to me, pls?

thanks alot!:001_302:
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there are many brands such as Rossmax, tensavol something (sorry, i dunno the spelling) but Omron is really the best.
i realised this after i visited hospital and realise its all omron products.
hospital should not be that wrong right?

saw my family doctor using 1 omron blood pressure machine too... so i decided to buy from online
but first few weeks i use, the readings jump up and down.
only after a while i realised i used wrongly.. AHHAHHA.. so paiseh lol

omron blood pressure machines

got $5 code discount now.. cheaper than when i bought.