Any blood pressure monitor to Recommend?


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Dear all,

Am looking for blood pressure monitor.
I know got Omron, is it good?

Any particular brand is good that you can recommend to me, pls?

thanks alot!:001_302:
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there are many brands such as Rossmax, tensavol something (sorry, i dunno the spelling) but Omron is really the best.
i realised this after i visited hospital and realise its all omron products.
hospital should not be that wrong right?

saw my family doctor using 1 omron blood pressure machine too... so i decided to buy from online
but first few weeks i use, the readings jump up and down.
only after a while i realised i used wrongly.. AHHAHHA.. so paiseh lol

omron blood pressure machines

got $5 code discount now.. cheaper than when i bought.


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Yes, I'm using Omron too. Important to read the instructions on how to use properly - there should be an 'ok' logo that appears to indicate correct usage. Also, don't take the first reading (usually quite high), take multiple times at resting position with the machine at the same height as your resting arm. For consistency, take at same time of the day to compare readings (eg just before sleeping at night)