any childcare that has EIPIC programme for special needs children?


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Hello Mummies,

My husband and I are full time working staff and we have a 3 years old(2012 June 2) with mild ASD.
We are wondering is there a childcare in Singapore that runs a EIPIC programme thing under the same campus.

Eg. after my child attend the 2 hours EIPIC programme, he can join the childcare sector.

It's pretty hassle to drop him at the EIPIC centre at 10am and pick him up at 12 and drop him at home or the childcare.
so was wondering is there such a centre in Singapore =(
much preferred near the Great World City as we are both working nearby. (husband working at holiday inn hotel)

or any recommendation of childcare nearby to recommend?
My friend told me there's a childcare starting this year at Furama Riverfront Hotel, anybody know of such news?

Please advise and help =(

- Jasmine


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There are Integrated Child Care Programme (ICCP) which caters for children with special needs as well as normal kids, but have not come across an EIPIC childcare.
Here is a list of ICCP

Hi Scang,
thank you so much! However the ratio of the children are pretty high at PCFs etc so i wanted to enrol into a private centre.
I do not want the teacher to just leave my son at one corner :(
and i still we have to pick him up to bring to the EIPIC centre.

however my husband and I will be considering this as one option for us.
If the teacher is special need trained. But weighing the focus and attention, i guess its not much and wont be expecting much :(