any courses for 3month old baby


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i'm goin to bring my gal to Impact Models for interview when she recovers..
as intro by CanCanMum.. not much of a course though.. lol..
i'm using DIY flash cards to intro her to books n reading.. borrowed book from the library oso...
there isn't really any course for 3 mth olds.. mines 4mth now, since she start to anyhow grab things le.. i sat her infront of the piano in my lap.. den i play some songs/ keys.. den she start to mimick.. lol..


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Does anyone knows of any courses that are suitable for 3 month old baby. I am a kiasu mummy.
i remember quite a number of mummies told me about baby gym.
where the baby learns music and others together with mummy and other families.
mayb you can check it out.

like Kindermusik, one mummy used to ask me go together for the trial lesson. but i'm too tied up at that time. moreover it's in town area. too far for me.
i remember i saw one baby gym at forum oso.

it sounds fun to me.
a pity that i never bring my girl to any of these gym before when she was younger.
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