Any Destiny players looking to play WoW Classic? We made a Discord!


After Season of Opulence this Summer, our clan is looking to dip our toes into WoW Classic. A lot of us are former WoW players back in the day, Vanilla through WotLK and are looking to get back into the game.

We've made a Discord for discussion on all things WoW Classic to help get hyped up for the release this summer.

If anyone else is like minded and wants to join in on the conversation through the day, feel free to join- we are recruiting now for both Social and Raid Progression members!

Discord: (<God Tier Gaming>)

Are any other Destiny players looking to pick up WoW Classic? If so what are you looking towards the most, and do you plan on balancing both Destiny and WoW Classic?


I love playing WOW, and it surprises me that although this game was released in 2004, it is still popular. My friends and I used to spend a lot of time playing, but now I'm working and don't have enough free time. But to continue to develop in the game, I buy wow gold for little money I used to be wrong about donating to the game, but now I have no choice. I don't want my friends to have better gear than me. I think I'll be playing WOW for a long time.
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