Any good and reliable tuition agency to recommend tutors?

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  1. Hi I am looking for a good tuition agency to look for a tutor for my son and daughter. But i had bad experiences with tutors before so I need a reliable and trustworthy agency to introduce me a good tutor who can come on time and no keep changing time with me and also not just introduce me a tutor to earn commission. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Hi kimberlystarry, I have 3 kids and the two older ones who are 8 and 15 are having individual tuition. we found a tutor through an agency through word of mouth by one of my friends. I have the same frustration that you are having about 4-5 months ago, just couldn't find a good tutor who is responsible enough and not keep changing time with me. So my friend introduce me to a tuition agency that she had employed to find a tutor for her son, initially i was skeptical but i couldn't waste anymore time so i tried it out and it turned out that they are very responsible, they will call me to check if the tutor reaches on time or if my two children are okay with the tutor. Maybe if you dont mind, you can try them out. All-Ace Tuition :Galaxy of Knowledge look for Kate.
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    Hi Kimberlystarry,
    Im a tuition agent who is able to help u get a gd tutor for both your children as we match one that meet your criteria. So far, majority of my clients are happy with my tutors as they are responsible and patient. My agency allows parents to interview tutors before they confirm them. If e parent is unsatisfied with e tutor, we will find a replacement without any additional charge.

    Hope u can consider me and give me a chance to serve u. Currently, my agency is having a promotion. If u engage 2 tutors with us, we will give u 2 free korean facial masks that suit all skin types. If not 2, we will also give u 1 free mask.

    Last month, i just helped a Mummysg's member to find a tutor. You can check with her how my service is if she dun mind.

    If u agree, u can contact me at 97686118. Hope to hear from u soon.

    Thanks and regards,
  4. Hi Daphne, Had called Miss Kate last week and my new tutor just came on fri to teach my son and yesterday to teach my daughter. The female teacher is very punctual and looks very friendly, and after both lessons, kate will call to ask if the tutor is late or if my daughter is ok with her teaching. As of up till now, everything is going well and my kids love the tutor! I really hope i don have to change tutor again. Will update you again though. Thanks so much for your recommendation.
  5. Hi Selina, Currently i have already engage a tutor from All-Ace Tuition :Galaxy of Knowledge
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    Hi Kimberlystarry,

    Have you heard of Schtutors? They provide only MOE current and ex-school teachers. My nephew and my girl got a current school teacher from them. Not cheap though, but quality assured.
  7. Tristar

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    My brother engaged a sec 2 maths tutor from All-Ace Tuition under the recommendation of Miss Kate. He is very happy with the tutor as she can bond with my nephew very well and improvement shown after 3 months. He is very happy with Miss Kate's friendly service too. =)
  8. Hi PinkUmber, Nope I have not heard of Schtutors before.

    Previously engaged school teachers to teach my daughter, but turned out that both are very irresponsible. For the first tutor I had engaged, not only is she always late for lesson by 30mins to an hour, she don't even call to tell me that she is too busy in school that she is unable to come for lesson for my son and daughter, and also always changing the time for my two children. Once my two children were waiting at home in vain for her and I don even know until they called me to tell me that the tutor didnt turn up for lesson. And when I called her, she didnt answer my call and only sms me to tell me that she is sorry that she is busy and she had forgotten to let me know about it. The other also almost the same thing and sometimes left earlier than the supposed timing, when i asked her, she told me that she rushing off to the next lesson. its so ridiculous. I am not saying school teachers are not good but I have not met any good ones so far. Last but not least, the agent who helped me to looked for tutors previously also only seems to want to earn my money only and not about really finding a good tutor for me. Honestly, I don mind non ex/current school teachers as long as they are good, experienced and responsible.

    And currently my two kids are with a tutor that Miss Kate from All-Ace Tuition :Galaxy of Knowledge introduce , My kids like the tutor very much and enjoyed her lesson. haha first time hearing my son saying to me that he is looking forward to the next lesson with the new tutor. I am surprised. Oh and Kate's service is really good, nv once missed a call from her when tutor left after the tuition for my two kids. Am very satisfied with her service. The only thing now is I hope my kids will improve and that the tutor is the one, so i don have to change tutor again.
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  9. VanessT

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    Wow, Kimberlystarry you must be having headaches worrying like mad during those period. Ai yo, I'm most worried when this kind of thing happened. Currently my sister is looking around for JC tutor, I will pass her Miss Kate website so she can contact her:) hope your children are doing well now!
  10. Hi VanessT, yes i am so worried. =( Haiz we are all parents and definitely want them to do well, so must find a good tutor to teach my kids, really sick of wasting time to look for good tutors. My kids are doing well, two weeks of coaching with the new tutor that miss kate intro and seems like my kids are in good hands! am sure miss kate can definitely help your sister.
  11. VanessT

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    Thanks Kimberlystarry for recommending Miss Kate's service! My sister engaged a JC tutor from her and my nephew understand his H2 maths better now. Very friendly lady my sis commended:) She is very happy that her son can catch up now. Cheers!
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    I prefer full-time tutors the most as they can dedicate time for the students. MOE teachers and those part-time students are so busy!
  13. Tristar

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    True...however good full-time are hard to come by too.
  14. Linalovescandy

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    Oh...ace-tuition. My sis uses their services for my niece and nephew. My sis is all thumbs up for their services. My sis has changed alot of agencies...she would always complain to me about other agents, trying to sell their tutors. Some even try to force you to take their tutors, simply you called. She's full of praised for Ace-tuition, esp Kate.

    Buy 2 get 1 free...anyway..i always believe good things dont come cheap and cheap things cant be good.
  15. kitty

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    Is Kate a tutor or co-ordinator?My friend went to her but she couldn't find any tutor for her son.Is Kate teaching 1 to 1 herself?
  16. VanessT

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    I recommended one of my girlfriends to Kate too. Kate is trying her best to get the tutor that my friend wanted. Understand that now is the peak period for PSLE plus sec sch exams, so it's harder to find a full-time tutor. But my friend is willing to wait for a good one. She doesnt want undergrad..

    I heard that she teaches too. :)
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    Kate is very responsible, not like most agent. She would never push tutors to u just to close assignment. She would only recommend when she finds the right one..she's so dedicated. If she cant find a good one and if she could, she would teach herself.
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    I love their website too. They provide articles for kids and my kids love them. My kids will even share with their daddy during dinner on what they saw and read on Kate's blog. Am impressed. At least my kids liked to read the educational articles kate posted.
  19. Thanks Daphne, without your recommendations, I wouldnt have found Miss Kate to help me to find the tutor. My daughter just had her common test in school and both of us are so glad that she improved!
  20. kitty

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    Anyone knows the charges for sec 1 and sec 3 Maths?Have any good recommendations?

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