Any good childcare in Jurong

Discussion in 'Year 2011 and earlier Mummy' started by rsplim18, May 19, 2010.

  1. rsplim18

    rsplim18 New Member

    To All Jurong mummies,

    HELP! Any good childcare to recomend in Jurong? I am looking for a childcare for my girl. Any comments on Rainbow Childcare in Boon Lay Place?
  2. win_mum

    win_mum New Member

    how old is ur gal????:tlaugh:
  3. rsplim18

    rsplim18 New Member

    Hi, my gal now 16 months+, i hv intention to place her into chidlcare early, so she has opportunity for learning new things, currently is my mil look after her, u know lah normally grandparent will always pamper thier grandchildren, as nowadays all the kids are "baobei" :wong19:. I went to check my first skool at jurong point, was told that no vacancy, and currently there are 80+ parents on the waiting list, for next year intake there only can accept 16 toddlers, the chances for me is very low.:we3sad: U hv any childcare can recommed to me? Thanks
  4. Pwiincess

    Pwiincess Member

    My girl is in AGAPE LIL UNI located at Jln Bahar. Near Boon Lay also. Now she can do many things on her own! =)
  5. rsplim18

    rsplim18 New Member

    Hi Pwiincess,

    Many thanks for your recommendation. May i hv the full address of Agape @ Jalan Bahar, what are the programme provide by the centre. Did your child enjoying? How much you pay for the cost?. Thanks
  6. redjn

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  7. MsTham

    MsTham New Member


    Any childcare to recommend which serve vegetarian foods?
  8. rsplim18

    rsplim18 New Member

    To All Jurong mummies,

    If your looking for child care for your little one, your may consider ACE childcare at JE, i put my girl in this cc, she can adapt the place & quite enjoy.:Dancing_tongue:
  9. Triquetra

    Triquetra Active Member

    How long did she take to adapt to the environment?
    What is the ratio?
  10. rsplim18

    rsplim18 New Member

    Hi Triquetra,

    She took abt 1 month+ to adapt to the enviroment/place. How old is your little one? I m not very sure on their ratio, maybe you call the centre directly, the number is 65651611
  11. Triquetra

    Triquetra Active Member

    My daughter is 18 months.
    Is the environment clean?

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