Any GOOD home tuition agency to recommend? or Tutors?

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  1. arcaninx

    arcaninx Alpha Male

    Hi gals,

    I am looking for a home tutor for my 8 yr old sister who has trouble coping with P2 maths and chinese. really horrible. Gt 50+ only for these 2 subject. I did sent her for group tuition but not effective leh. Then i tried agency like a-star (no reply) and (the tutor always late) . Hope to find a home tutor directly or find a good agency. Any to recommend?

  2. I had a fren who runs home tutor agency if u r interested, pls call 6791 2981.
  3. PinkUmber

    PinkUmber New Member

    Girls, do not be fooled by these agencies. From what I know, all tuition agencies which are registered as businesses are MOE-registered.

    These agencies are just another agency trying to be different.
  4. PinkUmber

    PinkUmber New Member

    Just got told by my sister about this tuition agency - - it seems pretty good as they only recommend MOE teachers.

    Anyone hear b4?
  5. DaphneAng7

    DaphneAng7 New Member

    Hi Arcninx, maybe you wan to try All-Ace All-Ace Tuition :Galaxy of Knowledge . A lot of good reviews and personally have engaged them. =) hope that helps
  6. joyceenxin

    joyceenxin New Member

    If you're looking to engage a tutor(s) for your sister, I would strongly recommend Straits Mentors (Straits Mentors - A Wealth of Experience | Singapore's No. 1 Tuition Agency).

    I was concerned about my child's results, and wanted to get a tutor who'd come by our place, and found out about Straits Mentors from another parent. Signed up with them, and was delighted that they delivered on their promise of getting back to me within 24 hours, and providing a suitable tutor for my child within 48 hours.

    My child has been very receptive to the tutor I engaged through them, and is performing at school! Am happy with their service.

    Would be happy to share more.
  7. fruiti

    fruiti Member

    My niece is also attending classes at All-Ace All-Ace Tuition :Galaxy of Knowledge. My niece has improved alot under their guidance, heard from my sis from 50+ to 80% for this SA2.

    The teachers are very motivating and creative. It works well for my niece hope it works well for u too :)
  8. Krilasen

    Krilasen New Member


    I am a graduate from Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC) and I am looking to offer tuition for genuinely interested tutees who want their grades to improve.
    Besides receiving comfortable A grades for all of the subjects in the 2011 A Levels, I am also a consistent scorer in HCJC which questions are much harder than the A Levels syllabus. Currently i have 6 tutees altogether, and I would love to accept more students as I do have a flair for teaching, especially when my tutees see their grades improve.

    Do contact me at 96215263 (SMS only) for a quotation, to negotiate the price, or for more information.
    This is the link to my ad, that you may wish to read for more information.
    (Gumtree Singapore: a leading free local classifieds site in Singapore. Any trade is possible at Gumtree. ... Z440575855)

    Thank you.
  9. Think Education

    Think Education New Member

    Need help from the Harvard Guru for "O" and "A" Levels ?

    Think Education Learning Centre
    was founded by Harvard guru, Terence, offering well-structured tuition classes specially tailored for O and A level students.

    With a wealth of teaching experience, our highly qualified star tutors (MOE trained teachers, PhDs, Honours Degree holders) are guaranteed to help your child grasp complex concepts with ease and excel in his/her studies!

    2013 classes are NOW opened for registration!

    Location: North Bridge Centre in Bugis (opposite the National Library)
    Contact number: +65 9069 1017
    Our website: Think Education: Tuition and Enrichment Center

    think edu.gif
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  10. kitty

    kitty Member

    My friend went to the above agency for help and ended up being played out by the tutor!!!!:(
  11. sishan89

    sishan89 New Member

    Hi, I'm Si Shan. I have taught Primary and Secondary level Maths for 3 years home tutoring. Do contact me if you need. :)
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  12. kitty

    kitty Member

    How to be compensated? The agent still want the commission!!!!
  13. HappyMumm

    HappyMumm New Member

    Hi, you might want to try Future Perfect. They are located at West Coast Recreation Centre 12 West Coast Walk #02-26. Their number is 677 677 20. Webbie: Future Perfect. I must compliment the tutor's dedication to my girl's education. Her PSLE improved greatly and managed to score As for both Mathematics and Science which are her weakest subjects.
  14. Animizer

    Animizer New Member


    I am a graduate of NUS High School, achieving a Diploma with Distinction (Honours in Chemistry and Biology).

    Offering 1-to-1 tuition services for all subjects from Primary 1 -Primary 6 level, physics, chemistry and biology for secondary 1 -secondary 4 level and JC level (H1/H2).

    Offering group tuition services for all subjects from Primary 1 -Primary 6 level as well. Minimum class size of 2 would be needed. Maximum class size fixed at 4 students. Classes held at tutor's place (Punggol).

    I have nearly 2 years experience with p3 - sec 4 students.

    Please email if interested.

  15. Tristar

    Tristar Member

    Im So surprised to hear such a thing. I contacted the agency to find out which tutor in question was at fault. Because in the past, whenever a mother is dissatisfied with a tutor, Kate has always politely found a new tutor. After my enquiry, they have politely explained to me a summary of what happened. To respond to any further queries, they have put up on their blog all email messages from the parent, photographs of their SMSes and even a voice recording from the very first time. I think this is a great way to show how transparent they are and by being transparent, all interested parties can view the said emails and SMSes.

    After reading the blog, it's so obvious who is at fault.

    You have my full support Kate! My brother who hired the tutor from you some time back agrees that you are a great and thoughtful agent. Thanks for the hampers you sent us during X'mas!
  16. Jing

    Jing New Member

    Its best to find a reputable tuition centre. be careful when signing contracts too.. Good luck to all mums finding tuitions out there.. just be careful.. Do let me know if u any good recommendations for good tuition centres! =D
  17. bellaisa

    bellaisa New Member

    Really Tristar? Wow. Thanks for telling me. At least I know whats going on.
  18. bellaisa

    bellaisa New Member

    Hi Jing. What you say is very true. My kids currently attending a centre at the east. They scored very well and made improvement. If you r interested, pm me. =) Have a nice day
  19. Jing

    Jing New Member

    heh. sure Bellaisa=) But im currently with one at Bugis and I thought their teaching was quite good... Best tuition centre ive tried currently..=)
  20. Jing

    Jing New Member

    Have a good day to you too!!!=D

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