Any GOOD home tuition agency to recommend? or Tutors?

The Smart Tutor

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Dear Tutors,

The Smart Tutor is in the midst of expanding our private tutor network.

You can learn more about us through our website -

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Hi gals,

I am looking for a home tutor for my 8 yr old sister who has trouble coping with P2 maths and chinese. really horrible. Gt 50+ only for these 2 subject. I did sent her for group tuition but not effective leh. Then i tried agency like a-star (no reply) and (the tutor always late) . Hope to find a home tutor directly or find a good agency. Any to recommend?
Hi, arcaninx :)

I highly recommend an enrichment program that is credited. They teach advanced and fun techniques that will carry our children forward in their primary school years. :):):)


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Hello, I am an experienced Secondary School Science tutor, feel free to PM me.

Currently a Final year uni student at NUS, Department of Biological Sciences.
Graduated from Hwa Chong JC with Hwa Chong Diploma.
I have been tutoring secondary school science for 2 years, and have taught Sec 5 students, Sec 3 and Sec 2 students in the past. Currently teaching 2 Sec 4 students from SNGS and Sec 2 student from Anderson. I am always learning and improving, and have recently been certified for learner-centred coaching.

I am very familiar with 'O' level Biology, Chem and Physics syllabus. I take pride in teaching and make it a point to motivate students through getting them interested in what they are learning. I also teach my students studying skills and stress management skills help them learn more effectively.


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Giving out coding tuitions to prepare your kids for the future that contains drastic changes.

GCE Olevel will be offering computing as a subject soon and those who are interested to enroll their children to computing should join us soon!

For those who want to prepare their child for GCE Olevel computing, we will be following closely to the syllabus and teach them accordingly. Our tutors are highly trained doing well academically and some are already working full-time as a coder. You can ask more about their qualification before deciding to join us!

Beginner level ( for primary school ) : $50/h
Intermediate level : $100++/h

We believe that it is very important for your children to have a strong foundation in coding. Many of the high paying jobs at the moment require some sort of coding ( some fresh graduates are already earning 6 digits annually upon graduation ). However, we believe that coding is what it takes for this generation to live luxuriously now, but coding will the bare minimum for the next generation to live decently comfortable. It is not hard to tell that the whole world is going more advanced and a lot of jobs will be lost and taken over by machineries or robots. It is our collective duty to ensure the next generation is prepared for this drastic change.

Contact us at


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I am opening Upper primary English & Math classes. I am MOE registered teach and am teaching in a local school. Contact me for more details if u need help tutoring ur child☺


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Control in your fingertips

TutorsSG is available in AppStore and Play Store. Parents have full access to the entire tutor base and control over which tutor to award the assignment to. Browse through the available tutoring sessions, or request one if you don’t see a session that meets your requirements.

No Agent Fees, No Hidden Fees.

Overall, the app aims to offer online tutoring options that meet your budget and schedule ⏱.

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Hello parents!

My name is Gwen. More about myself:
- Business graduate from NTU
- Score 'As' for Math and Chinese for both PSLE and 'O' Level
- Planning to further study
- Experience in teaching both mainstream and special needs children
- Experience in teaching Primary Math and Chinese

What students and parents reviewed:
- fun and engaging
- kind and patient
- ensure student understand concept before moving on

Rates are really affordable as i am not doing this as full time job. I would really love to help and educate children.

Do PM me. Thanks and stay safe,


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Unfortunately, to get this coveted place, it is not enough to be just a "strong," intelligent, and successful student. An important share of success is knowledge of the so-called "examination technique." So, for example, in any work, you will need to conduct a thoughtful analysis, draw parallels, and correctly structure your answer. All this in a limited amount of time and a stressful atmosphere. An experienced teacher has hundreds or even thousands of hours of classes with such candidates. But if we consider the fact that Avionics technician vocation is quite amazing, then classes with a tutor will also be very interesting.


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My name is Gwen. I have experience in teaching Chinese, Science and Math for primary school level. Kind, patient and fun (as described by both parents and students)$30/hr for pre-school, $35/hr for P1-P3, $40/hr for P4-P6. Interested parents please message me 9112 1513


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Hi I am not sure if you are still looking for a tutor but if you are, you may email me at for tutor's contact. She has been coaching my kids since they were primary 1 (english & mathematics).

Hope this will help some of you.


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Hey all, we are a group of graduates from ACS independent starting an online tuition class for primary and secondary students!

We currently only offer mathematics lessons at a flat fee of $20 an hour. Also, refer a friend to enjoy $10 off the class.

Classes will begin in 2 weeks time feel free to find out more by contacting us


You could consider Le Xue Education.

Le Xue Education, a professional Chinese education center, was established in December 2012. The Founder, Ms. Vivien Le was a former teacher in Catholic High School with more than 22 years of experience in teaching and preparing pupils for the O Level Chinese Language Examination.

The Centre’s philosophy “Joyful Learning While Mastering the Intricacies of the Chinese Language“ , broadens the horizon of the approach in teaching the Chinese Language, utilizing a variety of methods which has been proven to aid in the improvements of her students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Here are some testimonials from parents who's child has attended Le Xue tuition centers!

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ACE Your Math Exams!

- 1-to-1 lesson/ Small group tuition (max. 3 students per group)
- Notes and learning materials will be provided
- Customised lesson summary on question solving techniques and tips will be provided after every lesson.

*Online lesson via Zoom whiteboard is available*

13 Years’ Experience in teaching and developing the Customised Math Curriculum that prepare students to ACE their Math exams
- Close to 90% of students scoring ‘A’s
- Improve at least 2-3 grades in 3 months!
- Multiple success stories! From D7 to ‘A’s!

Taught by female Full-time tutor with excellent academic achievements and teaching track records
- NUS Dean’s List Award (Top 5%)
- Straight A’s for O-Levels

Specialised in teaching Math at the following levels:
- Upper Primary Math
- Integrated Programme (IP) Math
- Lower Secondary Math
- Upper Secondary A Math & E Math
- Junior College (JC) H1 & H2 Math
- International Baccalaureate (IB) MYP Math
- International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma SL & HL Math
- IGCSE Math
- Edexcel Math
- Poly / University Math

Teaches private candidates as well

Help your child to ACE the Math exams today!

Specialist Math Tutor
Ms Tan
Mobile: 9155-7605