Any good hydrating mask to recommend for acne skin?

Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by rainn_77, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. rainn_77

    rainn_77 Member

    Hello Mummies, any good hydrating mask to recommend?
  2. joeichen

    joeichen Member

    Have use the mask from face shop and feel that was good.
    Not sure for you.
  3. deela07

    deela07 Member

    Please refer to the link. Am using it myself once a week (after much bargaining with my mom to look after DS while i relax wth the mask =p). This is not a 'miracle' mask but it certainly helps to remove blackheads/zits easily. This will be followed by hydrating mist, air dry, serum and moisturizer. Skin without a doubt feels smoother and firm. :)
  4. rainn_77

    rainn_77 Member

    Hi Joei,

    What kind of mask are you using in the body shop?

  5. rainn_77

    rainn_77 Member


    what is the brand for the dead sea mud that you are selling? Seems good to me! Is it a clay mask?
  6. doreenyeah

    doreenyeah New Member

    I been using SKII mask, it’s brilliant.
  7. rainn_77

    rainn_77 Member

    Oh hi Doreen,

    Did you try the miracle water? Does it works too?

    Tot of buying that but just want to hear some feedback...
  8. deela07

    deela07 Member

    Sea of Spa. It's a mud mask frm the dead sea at Israel. You can google for more info or simply drop by at Sea of Spa shop at Marina Square, lvl 2, foodcourt wing or Jurong Point, lvl 2, the new wing.
  9. rainn_77

    rainn_77 Member

    Oohh.. thanks Deela for the precious info which you have shared with me.
    Will drop by at marina square to find out more! :001_302:
  10. arty angel

    arty angel New Member

    Should try doing mask more often, probably start doing it daily for few weeks. If skin condition get better, then reduce to 2~3 times a week. I did it daily for about 2 months, my skin condition immediate look much better than before. Cause previous look tired and dry cause not enough sleep as need to take care of 3 littles. Skin improved meant looking glossy, smooth and moisturized.

    No need expensive masks, i only use some Korea made masks get from Enchanted Secretz. I also like their yogurt masks, very refresh after use it. Do it during shower time, can do hair spa and body scrub while waiting! :">

    Tips: Must remember not to leave your mask over night, take it off while still a bit wet. Leave it dry entirely on your face will make your skin dry.
  11. arty angel

    arty angel New Member

    Hihi, recently i read an article saying yogurt is good for preventing pimples and lighten the marks. Do give it a try, cause it works for me... ;)
  12. belindang

    belindang Member

    Having Acne actually signifies that there are lots of toxin in our body & it's not functioning well

    As it is said : " When your body is healthy, the glow & good state of health comes from within."

    just like what Arty Angel has mentioned about Yogurt, it is alos important to watch our diet. Eat more bvegetables & fruits.

    Also women have thinner and longer than men, thus women have more toxin stored in the intestines. more women have constipation problem than men. When our intestines are not healthly, it will be shown on our complexion, with uneven skin tone, pimples, dark eyes etc.

    So it is important to have healthy intestines.

    i take Oligosaccharides (tis is NOT probiotics). This is actually food that Good bacteria in our intestine feeds on and thus multiply naturally. It deters against Colon cancer which is #1 in Spore and Malaysia
  13. sharon27

    sharon27 New Member

    You can try sara shantelle's tea tree facial bubbles green tea extract. my gf had it, since her skin is very acne prone. It improves her skin a lot as she uses that. You can give it a try. It sells in Sasa comestic outlets I think. Saw it once. Or you can try google about the products to find where you can buy it from.

    SaraShantelle Official Homepage - SkinCare. BodyCare. HairCare.
  14. XiaoDingDang

    XiaoDingDang New Member

    I use the Soothing Moisture Mask (not sure if I got the name right but it's something like that) from Avene as I have sensitive skin so I prefer my skin care to be as natural as possible. I got it from if that helps, they sell it slightly cheaper than Guardian.
  15. izzinyl

    izzinyl New Member

    I use an Oil Free Hydrating Gel which really hydrates my skin alot, suitable for sensitive skin and made from natural ingredient. Great for acne skin as it is water based, non greasy nor sticky.

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