Any good Maid Agencies to recommend/ Any good Indonesian Maid for transfer?


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anyone know the agency rate now? Few months ago i was charged an agent fee of $680 only. But i called up a few agency, they charged around $1,200...this is not inclusive of insurance and SIP..


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Hello jaymum, mine is a fresh maid with 1 off day per month after completion of loan. I only paid $188 for agent fee. Salary is $420. U should try my agent. Highly recommended... No commission for referral but she really deserve the 2 thumbs up! You can call her at 82227346 - Sherly.
Hi mamimami, am new to hiring maid. Am considering to hire Myanmar but heard of the communication is a chore. But am not willing to pay high salary for Indo or Pinoy. sorry for being frank, is the myanmar maid you mention in this post still working with you? If yes, was her spoken english alright when she first join u? How's her english standard now? how old is her? married? with/without kids? Sorry to go into such details cos am hoping to find someone based on certain characteristics if proven to be good. :)


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Hi mamimami, am new to hiring maid. Am considering to hire Myanmar but heard of the communication is a chore. But am not willing to pay high salary for Indo or Pinoy. sorry for being frank, is the myanmar maid you mention in this post still working with you? If yes, was her spoken english alright when she first join u? How's her english standard now? how old is her? married? with/without kids? Sorry to go into such details cos am hoping to find someone based on certain characteristics if proven to be good. :)
Hi Triciayeoqueen, sorry for the late reply. Yes, my Myanmar maid is still working with me. She is picking up English day by day. bits and pieces everywhere but key thing is she is willing learn. So sometimes when we think she dun quote understand, we will show it to her - such as showing her the physical item, going thru the motion how to do certain things or draw for her. Communication is really very important. But you have to be very patience else your blood sure boils! Her English very rather weak when we first hire her, but she's wiling to learn so now can speak simple phrases. She is 23, single (so without kids). No worries on your questions... glad to help! All the best to your search for your helper! You can try calling my Agent - sherly of Eelit. She will be the better person to advise you. :)


I have an Indonesian maid for transfer.

Here's her profile:

Born: July 1980
Height/weight: 157 cm, 58 kg
Religion: Muslim
Children: she has 2 children, 14 and 10 y/o
Work experience: 2009-2014 in Arab (duties mainly taking care of children and cooking arab food)
Personality: Quiet, hardworking, can take instructions, willing to learn attitude, positive attitude and adaptable

She is a hardworking and has a ready to learn attitude. She is a fast learner. She also follows instructions properly and does not have the habit of talking back. She is patient with children and can feed and keep children company. She is excellent at her household chores like cleaning, laundry and ironing.

Preferably a new employer who can converse in Bahasa Malay as she can only converse in simple English. I am letting her go because of some language barrier (I cannot speak Bahasa Malay).

There will be an agency fee of $1,288 and recruiter fee of $500 and her loan.

Anyone interested pls PM me, I will pass you the contact of the agency you can liaise with for the transfer.


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I just gotten my maid from Eelit Placement. I know there are already many good reviews and comments shared on this forum but I think I still need to share my point of view of Eelit. They are really not the pushy type and the way my request is being handled doubled my confident of them. I am not good at writing so no detailed reviews but I just want to say their service is really really good. 2 thumbs up!


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Hi, has anyone tried Innova resource maid agency before? It has 2 branches located at Hougang green and Bukit Timah


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I think that good maid agencies are very rare now. So we should recommend those that provide good services to benefit us employers.
During my search for a maid, i went to some big agencies and i have to say that their service really sucks. Follow-up services after collecting the deposit are really terrible and always difficult to reach them either by phone or email.
So i will like to recommend the agency which i chosen and eally very satisfied with the services provided by this agency - 1st Class Maids & Employment Agency.
From the interview to handover of the maid, i didn't have to step out of my house because the owner - Ted brought the maids to my house for interviews, paperwork and finally handover the maid on the transfer date. This is really different from many agencies which i had to go all the way to their offices to get anything done.
Initially i was abit concern because they are a relatively new agency, but proved me wrong because he was very patient with all the questions i had for him and was answering my sms, whatsapp & emails even late at night. He is always reachable even when overseas while he goes to Philippines or Myanmar to interview the maids.
Even after handover of the maid, he is still reachable if i have any concerns or questions.
So far i have recommended him to several of my friends & relatives and they only have thumb ups for his services levels.
I am not getting anything out of this recommendation, only just want to share a good agency which is very rare nowadays
Thanks for your recommendation about this agency.
I tried this 1st Class Maids & Employment Agency after reading about your good review here. I got a Filipino helper from him and indeed Ted's services are really very good, living up to his agency name. He is patient and always tries to do his best to listen and match the most suitable candidate to your requirements.
The 1st time i called him, we talked for almost 45 mins because i wanted to explained to him about my requirements, after having some bad experiences with other agencies before.

He is reliable, honest in his dealings and transparent about the fees required to be paid. His overall package is really value for money considering that there is FOC replacement if there is a need to make any replacements. He also fetched the helper to our house on the day of handover. I am very satisfied with his services and have recommended him to many of my friends and relatives because such good agency should be rewarded for their efforts. :)


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Mynmmar maid, first time taking the maid not up to our standard after few months. Replaced with another(got 2 free exchange)
It is troublesome, but the agent is patient, professional, arrange all the work, selection interview, up to bringing the maid to my place..
Maids are also human, as long she got the right attitude in work and do her jobs. Communication can be improved as time goes by.
PM if u r interested..


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Strongly recommend those who are looking for maid for the first time to visit MOM website.

MOM website provides customer service rating of the maid agency. The MOM invite employer who had engaged the maid agency before to rate the maid agency agency. Look for those maid agency with a rating that is 4 or above.

Retention rate of the maid agency is also given. This can be used to measure the satisfaction of the employer about maid. Look for those maid agency that has a retention rate that is above 60%.

Transfer rate is also given, try to find those maid agency with 0% transfer rate.

If you need a summary on this, you can refer to best maid agency in Singapore


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Hi, I'm also interested with transfer maid, preferred Indonesian with experience in infant care.
Baby around 3 months old. Pls PM me.
Any comments or experience with the maid is appreciated.



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I am looking for a fresh maid (no experience) mainly for house chores and look after my 2 dogs. Family of 3 (hubby, me and 8yo boy). I'm staying in HDB 2-storey maisonette. I am hiring maid for the first time. Anyone can advise which nationality is ideal for my kind of household? I am considering Eelit Placement but haven't seen much post or comment of Eelit in recent months. Anyone can advise if they are still as good?


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Hello SPG1983, i think for your case Filipino might be a better choice as most Indo dun like to handle dogs due to religion (I suppose). Myanmar fresh might not be ideal as far as i understand, communication is a problem. Anyway best you check with eelit. :) I got mine from eelit also. 1st one completed her 2 years contract and went home. Got another Myanmar from eelit after that, coming 2 years soon. So far didn't hear any complaint as I have recommended many friends and relative to eelit. Look for sherly. She will give you proper advise. Good luck!


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Thank you humblelady. Contacted Sherly of Eelit already. Will be meeting her tmr to interview the maid. She is very helpful indeed. We spoke as if we're old friends! Haha... Very friendly lady.

grace chong

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Can try Spring Helper, look for Mdm Chia or Ms Jean. Mdm Chia is the owner and went to her to engage mum's helper and now my own! Not easy to find reliable and service with a personal touch nowadays, glad so far so food. They are located in the East though!


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If you are looking to get a maid, forget about consulting the MOM EA Directory. It is difficult to get anywhere and doesn't tell you anything. Anyway getting a maid is a dicey thing these days and if you encounter any problems, you will find that employers are always at the losing end, no protection despite paying high price.

I recently had a very bad experience with an agency in Bt Timah Plaza which claims to be a "Leading Maid Agency since 2001". Not only is this untruthful but the director there, if any experience, her experience lies in pulling wool over your eyes. She is unethical and only cares about generating more business, with no obligations to the customers. No way you can get refund if any dispute. So beware of this agency. Best of luck in your search !