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Discussion in 'Singapore Pediatricians and Baby friendly Doctors' started by k-mom, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. k-mom

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    Hi mummies, any recommendations for good pediatrician in the KK Private Children's Clinic? how do they assign the PD to you when you deliver your baby? am expecting my first child in sep so not sure about these things.
  2. potato

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    From my experience, they assign me a general pd on duty.. If you want to see a private pd, you'll have to pay more. And also book a appointment. :)
  3. k-mom

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    thanks, potato. so you just walk in at the clinic and wait your turn? or do you call in advance to let them know you're coming?
  4. potato

    potato Member

    It's better to call them, i suggest you see doc phua.. :)
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  5. snowbear

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    My experience with e pd is tt if u wanna make appt, it cld be months away. so if it's urgent, you can only join the queue.
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  6. yan2

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    Kandang Kerbau Hospital dont assigns a pediatrician for your baby after discharged from the hospital. Future injections and check-up, its up to you whether to go polyclinic or private clinic.

    My girl seeing Dr Yong YP in Kandang Kerbau Hospital private children's clinic since to know her when i sent my girl to the clinic when she was sick and she was the doctor for walk in paitents...very experience and good...the nurse also told me she is the only pediatrician who gives injection on her own in private children's clinic...from there on, we have her as my girl's pd

    Make appointment inadvance when your child going for the first injection appointment.
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