Any good place to recommend to celebrate birthday

Discussion in 'Singapore Food Guide' started by iwan2noe, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. iwan2noe

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    Does anyone of you have in mind where is a good place/restaurant where one can have dinner and celebrate birthday with your love ones.

    I am scouting for one for my hubby... pls help!

    Thanks !! ^_^
  2. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    if you drive, there's this place by the sea... you eat literally beside the sea, tables are on the sand with candle lights.... it's by the safra country club at tanah merah. the restaurant is called shore restaurant. the food is not fantastic, pricing is like zu-chao. they serve western and chinese food. it's pretty romantic la... but some people might feel it's not very high class.
  3. potato

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    You can try swensens! :)
  4. FoodieQueen

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    Can check out this website The Yummy Guide - Singapore Food Review Community for more ideas. I would recommend the Steffi's and Wine Company at Alexandra TechPark. You can find out more info from the website.



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