Any good products to recommend, where to get them?

Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by XiaoDingDang, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. XiaoDingDang

    XiaoDingDang New Member

    Hello mummies, I'm new to this forum so pardon me if I make any mistakes, heh. :001_302:

    I like to try new skin care products that are effective so I was wondering if any mummies out there have any skin care brands/ products to recommend that are effective? If so, do you know where to get them? (Preferably from online as I'm quite busy caring for my young daughter)

    I heard about SK-II from a few friends but it's quite expensive so I'm not sure if I should give it a try..

    Thank you!! :Dancing_wub:
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  2. rayban

    rayban New Member

    Hey, I am also using SKII for about 3 years. I never think of changing to any other brands. ;)) I bought when I traveled to Japan. Their products are so good but expensive. In Singapore you may check out website. I bought the treatment essence from them, good price (always cheaper than retail store) :tlaugh:I am 30+ and having aging signs but SKII helps alot<3
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  3. wendy2250

    wendy2250 Member

    Infant Skin Serum (1box include 8btl Serum / 8pcs Mask)

    Intensive and Permanent Moisturizing

    Multi-layer composite moisturizing enables the skin to be moist, tender and smooth
    Skin is as vulnerable and delicate as ceramics and needs special care. Adverse environment, excessive ultraviolet ray and even mental pressure can change skin status. As we grow old, the water in our body would lose gradually, which can lead to skin dryness, sagging, fine wrinkle, visible pores, serious skin oil and difficulty for nutrient absorption. LATOJA Infant Skin Serum adopts totally new composite herbal extract; in addition to containing more sodium hyaluronate moisturizing ingredients, there are also additions of composite herbal moisturizing ingredients like malva sylvestris, mentha piperita and alchemilla vulgaris. It can reach as deep as skin base by taking advantage of liposome technology to realize intensive and permanent moisturizing and restore skin to be as smooth as infant skin.

    In order to achieve optimum efficacy, active matters must reach positions that can enable them to play their roles. LATOJA adopts liposome technology to enhance the infiltration of active matters, so that active matters can be effectively absorbed by the skin, realize deep layer moisturizing and enable the skin to be more intensive and fresh. ALPAFLOR GICAWHITE —A kind of new natural herbal active ingredient extracted from Wallis, Switzerland, the center of the Alps and combined with 7 extracts that are with cell culture activity: Malva Sylvestris, Mentha Piperita, Primula Veris, Alchemilla Vulgaris, Veronica Officinalis, Melissa Officinalis and Achillea Millefolium.
    Revitalizing Hwanyu Mask

    LATOJA Revitalizing Hwanyu Mask, rich in the wonderful moisturizing ingredient - sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), effectively integrates totally new herbal essence and has the additions of composite herbal moisturizing ingredients like malva sylvestris, mentha piperita and alchemilla vulgaris. By multi-layer moisturizing and nourishing, this product can reconstruct skin living water system. Only one mask can realize water supplement, storage and locking, so that it can give thorough water supplement and care to the skin, allowing your skin to be tender, young and smooth like that of an infant.

    Water, rosa rugosa water, glycerin, butylene glycol seed extract, malva sylvestris extract, menthe piperita leaf extract, primula veris extract, alchemilla vulgaris extract, veronica officinalis extract, melissa officinalis leaf extract, achillea millefolium extract, opuntia ficus-indica stem extract, portulaca oleracea extract, yeast ferment extract, caprylyl glycol, cyclohexanecarboxylic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, sclerotium rolfssii adhesive, sodium hyaluronate and licorice flavonoids.

    Adopting totally new composite herbal extract, this product can nourish and moisturize the skin, brighten skin color and luster the skin to enable you to enjoy pure texture and fresh complexion. 1011212142.jpg
  4. mummylub

    mummylub New Member

    Hi Doraemon,

    I recently came across this facial serum called Ice Wine. It's by a local company called Evighet Skincare but apparently it's getting popular even overseas. Even NBC had an article about it -

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    I just ordered one bottle myself. Hopefully it'll reach within the next few days. And hopefully it's as good as what those raving reviews are saying.

    Share more with you in the coming days if you're keen:)

    Hope this is useful.

  5. MommyJW

    MommyJW New Member

    If you don't mind the oily feeling while you sleep - virgin coconut oil is actually quite good. And its natural
  6. rainbowbrite

    rainbowbrite New Member

    Hihi! I am currently using the Luminesce anti-ageing skincare range.. very good results! You can check out the videos here..

    The skincare range is formulated with stem cell technology, and repairs the DNA in you,hence making it suitable for everyone with any skin types!
    Let me know if you need more info! :)
  7. izzinyl

    izzinyl New Member

    Hey Xiao Dingdang! I am currently using Mary Kay timewise range, great results and real life testimonial to back up. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
    Let me know if you need more information and I will be glad to assist.
  8. tonberry

    tonberry New Member

    I would recommend Phyto Placenta Softgel, I have been taking it for 3 months, not only does it improve my skin texture, I also feel energetic!
  9. Ico

    Ico New Member

    recently i came across this organic products that uses natural ingredients , i try out the products and it really works for me, the price is in my opinion is consider reasonable comparing that its a organic products. you may wan to check the website below.
    let me know if you need more informantion, I will gald to assist :)

  10. XiaoDingDang

    XiaoDingDang New Member

    Thanks for the recommendation, mummy rayban! :001_302:

    I went to check out their site and the prices are quite good, I ended up getting the Cellumination Essence from SK-II cos the girl at the live chat told me its the same as the latest Genoptics version, just that the name changed. Actually not sure if its true but since its such a good deal, I just got it hahaha.

    But i am wondering if any mummies are keen to share their e-mail? Bcos both of us can earn points when I refer someone...


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