Any good products to recommend, where to get them?

Veggies Tappuri

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By the way... baking soday is wayyyyyy too harsh for sensitive skin(im oily type but baking soda is still awful for my skin) Can look into facial oil too since they penetrate into skin faster and deeper

Veggies Tappuri

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Hovita's balancing facial oil not bad!!! Really nourishes your skin deep down, and it absorbs quite fast so it doesn't feel sticky?? The Blue chamomile facial mist they have is also a favorite for me, can buy it online and at their store!


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Hi, not sure if you are still looking for skincare products. If you are, feel free to look for me via the below options:

Watsapps: +65 96809479
Wechat: jasminelimin90
Registered Business: JAS BEAUTY ESSENTIALS

I am a authorize distributor of Mageline Skincare Products - 麦吉丽. Our famous star brand 素颜三部曲 (Trilogy Set) is suitable for all skin type (except for serious acne issue) even for breast feeding and pregnant mummy too.

Our products are also available at home-base salon too.



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I’m a SK2 loyal user since 2013. The best part about using the treatment Essence was my friends told me I looked the same even now. I pair it with facial treatment clear lotion.

Beru Ong

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i think SK2 (for dry skin) or laneign (for combination skin) is quite good..
you may want to get some samples over the counter to see if they are suitable for your skin.

rem to go for monthly facial to pamper your skin
i think any clinic is good so long you can relax and products compatible with your skin type.

I think Radium - it is a one stop clinic that i can choose over a wide range of treatment that is in need for my skin at a particular time. you may want to give it a try. BUT do check out a few clinics to see which one is best suits u.


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I recommend visiting They have some really good products at very affordable price. Lots of videos on their Facebook page too


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Hihi ladies and mummies, I am using a range of products from Geoskincare, from New Zealand. Its brand is well spread across Malaysia now. I myself have been using for a few weeks and have seen great results on my pores and acnes.

I am a distributor for this brand in singapore as well! If youre interested, check my instagram/carousell @seashell.Beauty.
Stay pretty everyone!



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I recently came across this brand called Genevia, their mask is EGF kind and I can feel the difference after I used it. It's not sticky after use so I can save the time. You can give it a try.


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Hello moms & mommies-to-be!
I'm new to this forum and are expecting soon :) I'm becoming more aware of ingredients in our skincare and personal care products which have toxic/harmful ingredients (especially for pregnant moms) such as sulphates, phthalates, etc. and are now looking to swap out my current skincare and body/haircare products to 'cleaner' products without any toxic ingredients. Because alot of brands can claim to be natural but may not necessarily be all natural I only trust certified brands by international bodies like EWG verified, COSMOS certified, etc. I manage to find a website in Singapore called Micora Beauty (www. which curates brands which are certified and I've bought a few products from them but would be happy to know more options out there!


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Hello! I'm new here, just thought to share. My basic skincare products are from Dermalogica and extra treatment serum I swear by is Obagi's Vitamin C serum! Really great for glowing skin. I get them from They have pretty affordable prices, been stocking from them for years now!


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I really like Laneige products (Hydro line) as it's not too oily on the skin - think it's also suited for Asian skin in mind? Found it easy to find their products via Lazada Mall. Another one I found but more expensive is this brand Jurlique - think it's from South Australia. But very nice soothing scent, like essential oil. Also found some of their products on Lazada Mall e.g. Lemon, Geranium and clary sage moisturising oil, body lotion, shower gel.