Any good products to recommend, where to get them?


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i have been using Mary Kay for 2 years and I so love the products.

I am currently the user and authorised beauty consultant with the company. if you any of you are keen, can visit my facebook/website for more information.


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Hi Mummies, I used to have comedones, big pores, sensitive and dry skin and it got worse after i gave birth. After i gave birth, i change into a set of skincare which i saw alot of good reviews online. This set of skincare is a life saver, it improves my skin, cleared up my comedones and pimples, pore is less visible and skin more hydrated and radiance. i do not go for facial or laser anymore as this skincare is good enough for me. My friends saw my skin improve so much and become nicer and they also start to use this skincare. It is a local brand but ingredients are from korea/USA.
U can PM me for photos :)


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Hey fellow Singaporeans, I came across this new telegram community @sgskincarehelp dedicated for skincare advice for those living in hot and humid Singapore. Its quite new but any interested can join, ask questions or share advice! I personally haven't found anything similar for Singapore on telegram, thought it might be helpful for some of us

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Greetings from dailykbeauty, we hope you can find your daily home quick fix from our curation on that include cleansers, masks, suncare, serums and ampoules.


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Hey mummies, my skin was at its worst during my pregnancy probably due to the hormones. My skin became sensitive and pigmentation increased horribly. I was recommended a set of skincare and am truly amazed at how much my pigmentation cleared without any invasive treatment.. So now i swear by this skincare, wanna share it with fellow mummies who experience similar skin issues too..


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Turmeric has many benefits. Like it is beneficial for skin, and health. It is used for meals. I use natural vegan turmeric soap. It is beneficial for my skin. It makes my skin glow, soft, and whiten. I bought it from the Likeitontop website. its products are handmade using natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. the quality of all products is outstanding.


To be honest, I'm looking for something similar. We'll be in Iowa for the next two months, and I'm thinking about buying some extra equipment to update my fleet because the project will increase our budget enough to cover it. There are numerous websites where you can find something like this at an affordable price. Personally, I am teaching them how to launch a marketplace.


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Sharing my favourite skincare products at the moment -

- 9wishes Hydra Ampule BB Stick SPF50+ PA+++ (very convenient to apply in the morning before bringing my kid to preschool. Super strong morning sun along the way so I truly need the UV protection.)

- The Moisturizers Co. | Ultra Soothing Barrier Repair Serum (this is a local skincare brand and this serum is one of their bestsellers. It's so good. Very hydrating, non-sticky, very soothing on the skin. Highly recommend especially for sensitive skin.)

- ANLAN EMS Facial Beauty Device LED Photon (cheap and good. Does its job well. I use 3 modes every night - Cleanse, Moist (for serum application), Cool (for moisturiser). I gave one to my mom too. So far so good!)

They can be found on Shopee or DM me if you want the links!