Any good Secondary School in Woodlands Area?


Re: ###Any good Secondary School in Woodlands Area?

I feel that every school is good. Good or bad, whether ur boy/girl produce good result all depend on how ur child is doing & thinking.

If chose to mixed with ah meng ah lian even study in good school also no use.

Let ur boy/girl chose themself bah...


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I am a sec sch teacher ;) In woodlands, one of the best schools include Riverside Sec school. Evergreen Sec is up and coming as well...If you are willing to go a little further eg Yishun - Yishun Town is a gem too, so is Chung Cheng High.

You can actually go to website to look up their niche areas or focus areas - if you want more information, schools now are very willing to share information with you - you could call the school and speak to the teacher i/c of publicity or any of the HODs to find out more.

Gd luck! You can pm me if you wish to find out more information.


2011 Cut Off Points for sec schs in Woodlands: Admiralty 206, Christ Church 196, Evergreen 223, Fuchun 188, Marsiling 190, Riverside 228, Woodgrove 210, Woodlands Ring 216, Woodlands 188.