Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

Discussion in 'Single Parents Support Group' started by genseah, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. genseah

    genseah New Member

    Really need one as I'm a sahm with 3 young children. Just had panic attack last Fri's evening. I really afraid if I continue to endure what will happen to me.
  2. angiebaby

    angiebaby Member

    Be strong and dun get hit down, consider start finding a job as if really divorce u need a stale income in order to prove u can feed ur children
  3. angelsaints

    angelsaints New Member

    I'm also going thru divorce currently. My lawyer is Mr Camposs located at Clifford Centre (Raffles place MRT). His charges is approx $2500 to $3000 depending if your husband contest or uncontest. If you want the details, can PM me and I give you his contact.

    Whatever your decision is, do think carefully and don't act on impulse. Once you filed, then there's no turning back. Be strong and take care.
  4. faithster

    faithster New Member

    Angelsaints: Can i can have contact as well. thanks
  5. angelsaints

    angelsaints New Member


    You can contact this lawyer, Mr Campos of Godwin Campos LLC.
    Tel: 6535-1306
    Add: 24 Raffles Place, #19-07 Clifford Centre

    'When we are weak, He is strong. Draw strength from Him'
  6. faithster

    faithster New Member

    Thanks for the info
  7. siling87

    siling87 Member


    I am a single mum currently filing for divorce.

    You may try G S Lim & Partners.
    Contact No: 65324518
    Add: Fook Hai Building, 150 South Bridge Road

    Mr Lim is a very nice guy, knowing that I am a single mum, he allow me to have monthly installment.

    You may call him and make appointment with him. he will talk to you and tell you what you can do. for $$$, just tell him your difficuilites and I will try his best to offer you the best price.
  8. angelsaints

    angelsaints New Member

    Thanks Siling87 for sharing your contact.

    I'm now waiting for the court order to be approved. *Haiz**
    Sometimes, seeing my young girl of just 10mths old just make me feel so down and depressed.
    I know it's so unfair to her of not being able to give her a complete family
    but on the other hand, if the man couldn't commit then no point putting up and enduring all by myself just for the sake of giving my girl a complete family, i doubt she'll be happy, right?
  9. angelsaints

    angelsaints New Member

    Maybe we single mums should meet up, get to know one and support one another in prayer and moral support! :001_302:
  10. mommytots

    mommytots Member

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  11. youknowsue

    youknowsue Member

    yes, today i went to consult a lawyer... wow as she's very experienced and senior, her charges starts from at least $3k!!! if he contests, the amount might go up to $8k!!! crazy man, stupid men wants to bail out of marriage and we are paying for the fees to end it! such an unfair world!!!

    the lawyer advise me to get him to agree to terms to make it cheap and quick... sigh, did any of you encounter my dilemma?

    i really can't face him (as seriously, what's the point and i dunno how to make him realise he gotta pay for my lawyer fees too!)
  12. mommytots

    mommytots Member

    Make full use of the women charter dear. Guys won't be able to mess around anymore.

    Popular TV host and freelance radio deejay Marcus Chin has been ordered by the court to pay his ex-wife, Yan Wen Lin, S$4,000 a month in maintenance after a four-day hearing.
    The 57-year-old was also ordered to pay S$7,000 in costs incurred by his ex-wife in the case.
    Yan, who is known by her stage name Murong Ying, told the Family Court that Chin had promised her S$6,000 a month when they separated in October 2008.
    However, he reduced the sum to S$1,500 in June 2009 after claiming that he did not have enough money.
    Chin argued that his monthly income has been reduced to S$9,000 a month and added that he had stopped performing in getai shows during the Seventh Month since 2009.
  13. willows

    willows Member

    I know how you feel, I have a 18 months old toddler and I am currently filing for my divorce. For sure I know that my ex-hub will contest on the maintainence, custody and housing proposal.

    I had give many chances to my so call ex-husband to repent. I even ask him to think of our child before he moved out but in the end he still choose to leave us for another woman. Although he had moved out already, he still made an attemp to visit my girl everyday. I know his intetion, I know he want to fight for my girls custody and probably to show the judge that he still care for our child so that can give us less maintenainace.

    At times it is really painful to see our child growing up in a dysfunctional family but we can't help or we have no choice. We also doesn't want to go through the path of divorce. It is 'HE' who choose this path for us and we are the excecutor. All we can do is to be around our child most of the time and give her more love and attention.

    I am consider very very lucky, I have great support from my family and close friends. My brothers loved my girl alot they even made an attemp to bring her out every weekends. Well, atleast I know that my girl is happy with her lifestyle now.

    Sometimes my girl will miss her father and that will make me feel heartache and worried that I might loose her to her father 1 day. But I guess we have to be strong. Sometimes I am also living in fear of all the uncertainties that is lying ahead of me. But I keep telling myself to be strong for my girl and things will fall into places when all the divorce issues are finalize.

    I would also like to meet up with some single/divorced mums to encourage each other as sometimes I also have mood swing now and then:001_302:

    Always stay happy for our little ones
  14. mommytots

    mommytots Member

    For those divorced, do you intend to stay singles forever? Why not be proactive and try to find a new dad for you little ones? Still hoping for consolidation with your ex?
  15. willows

    willows Member

    Hmm... I would like to consolidate with my ex-hub because at this moment I still love him although he had done so many things to hurt me and my family. For another reason is he is my child's father and he still love our child for now. But I don't think there would be any chance for consolidation as he doesn't loved me anymore and he had moved on with another woman already.

    Finding a new dad for my girl... I am skeptical about it. I am not sure will the new dad loved my girl like her biological father? I am also very scared at this moment as I always don't have luck with man. Always make the wrong choice. Probably it is difficult for a single mum to find another man who love her and her child.
  16. mommytots

    mommytots Member

    Dear, some says, never venture, never know. Life is a journey. It is a big world out there. Move on. Get advice from family care or aware or the lawyers. If you still care for your ex, might as well have an affair with him the next time? Doesn't make sense correct? Why stress because of someone who don't even care about you. Shape up and get it moving.
  17. confuselostsoul

    confuselostsoul New Member

    Hi all.. im currently asking for separation from his too but he doesnt wan to agree to anything and refuse to sign anything. He also say i am not capable of taking care of my 18months old girl whereby i have been doing it since birth till she is 14months and i come out to work. But now he tell me i am not going to take my baby with me (move out) .He say at least he have his parent to look aft her but i dont have. what his parent do is play with her, feed her etc. I am very sure they cant give her wat she wants neither he can. my bond with my baby is very strong. But he jus want to take her away from me.

    can somebody tell me what i can do? I am very sad knowing that he doesnt allow me to take my baby. should i get a lawyer to do this? we married only for 2 years.
  18. bluejustina75

    bluejustina75 Member

    Same situation here, he also refused to divorce claimed still care/love me and baby.... He promised will "spend more time with us", "will stop his flirting", "will stop watching tos immorality porno which also including the child porno", "will ask his family don come n scold me or get involve in his family problem", "his family wouldnt come to our hse or I don nit to visit them unless I want to", he even kneel down and beg for forgiveness, apologized for wat he has done and on behalf of his families of all d "great words" they said to me....

    I told him, "NO". I wldnt change my mind, there is no such thing that "u must understand their (his Aunty, mum & sis) intention is done wan us to hav broken marriage?" or "they don mean it, all was due to anger".. "I didn't do anything...I'm just chat wif them nothing else"... "I'm doing it bcos I'm stress up and can't communicate wif u"... "is a addiction which take times to correct"...

    One day give me different answer... Don even dare to send his phone bill to our address, y send to his Aunty's hse?

    Such liar can be trust??
  19. bluejustina75

    bluejustina75 Member

    I'm paying my gal's infant care fees, milk powders, pampers...etc, he ever claimed "wouldn't pay me a single cents", now sometime he will give when he remember but most of d times I will rejected and only took a bit for electricity, property tax, town council & Starhub cable tv... My salary just enough to support myself n gal.. Will tis affect if I request for maintainence fees frm him when I file for divorce? Will d judge said I can manage myself then y I need to ask maintainence fees frm him? Can anyone advice me in tis?

    Most of d bb stuffs are paid by me he only paid few things but not his money as well cos is paid by his Aunty or d ang bao money frm his families...

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