Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation


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Time to lobby minister of law to help, or inform the world abt their undoing. They want votes.
lets write apeition lets make change for us and the future litigants the weak poor and needy and single mothers and orphans the classes of people who cannot afford this huge legal fees charged by lawyers .
I completely agree with you .
Can we write a petition please for the female litigants who are forced to court cos of the man in their family and the High court ,The Supreme Place For Justice impose charges on me cos like an earlier member Ginseah whose posts read he does not know how to fill up ancillary form of his divoirce case in family court ia m not good in construction angood affidavit that will help in my case and not foir a show only that even many lawyers pupoorts to do to save costs for themselves like my first two ex lawyers i have engaged intially did Such lack of knowledge of legal procedure is very common and normal occurance among ordinary little people so why should we be asked to hire fancy lawyers and why are we NOT given sufficient help to become confident litigants and worst still in the face of such lack support from ministery of law the courts of singapore joins the plaintiff and impose heavy costs in series of 350 and 500 each time I delayed filing affidavit as I m working on it to make it the best it can be .Since I am a ordinary litigant and not a top gun lawyer i cannot be making a good affidavit to help in my hearing where I have to defend myself and the affidavits and exhibits are all i have to help me and thus the longer time i take is seen as wrong and costs is ordered .Its very unfair whats going on this industry of overcharged but not matched by their quality kind of lawyers and The high court joins the fancy lawyers in ordering costs while the innocent who cannot afford lawyer for The high court matters as their fees is more ex than what they charge for normal courts.Yeo and associates mentioned chucked up their intial quoted price of 8000 to 18000 once they heard high court.Since so much of money the lawyer charges, i decided to take up my case myself and now The high court asked me to pay costs after costs to plaintiff who engaged two lawyers senior counsel for the past 8 months of this suit over a old flat affected by minority index as all adviced by his wife from China .