Any good tuition agency?

Miss Ong

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Hi Mummies,

I am a full time graduate tutor (NUS) giving small group tuition in Yishun for English, Mathematics for Sec 1 - 5 and General Paper for J1 - J2. My group size will not exceed 5 students in order to ensure that all the students can get equal and adequate attention from me. I have been tutoring since 2007 and so I am very familiar with the syllabus.

For 4 sessions of 2 hours each, it would range from $100 to $140 for secondary level and $160 - $180 for JC level.
I will start the class even if it's only 1 student if my schedule allows.

PM or What's App me at 96349764 for more details.


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I always thought finding own tutors is the best as you will be the one who knows the requirements of the tutor and you can communicate your expectations better than tuition agencies. Go to and you will see tutors who might fit your requirements. Can message them direct also.


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Hi Parents,

I'm Lennie, a tuition coordinator for Tuition Referee. We are a registered tuition agency that specialise in meeting your tuition needs. Our large database of 10 000 tutors comprises:

MOE Teachers
Ex MOE Teachers
Full Time Tutors
NIE Trainees

We can arrange both private 1 to 1 home tuition and group tuitions for your child/children. At Tuition Referee, we understand that children from all levels have many commitments at school and all constantly stressed out by both their workload and CCAs.

We would like to see your children EXCEL in their studies and are here to help them achieve that.

Let us know if you require a tutor and we will find you the most suitable and dedicated tutor.

You may visit to request for a tutor online or sms/call 94561888.

Thank you!


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you may want to try I registered my child with them and their service was really good! they matched my child to a tutor and after a few months, I could see drastic improvements in my child's results. Now my child is more hardworking too so im really glad (; anyway, their service is totally free so you just have to pay for the tuition fees. You can give it a try since it's free anyway :)

Sarah RJ

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Qualified & Good - Full-time Tutors/MOE-Registered Teachers/Ex-MOE-Registered Teachers Available ! - Trust Tuition -- Sarah RJ- 92781240
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We have part time tutor and full time teacher for every level from Primary School to Junior College.
For your interest we also provide Music & Swimming Lesson.

The benefits getting a tutor from us:

:) Managed by experienced Tuition Company who has been in this line for the past 14 years.
:) You will get official receipt.
:) Get a 20% discount for EPB assessment books.
:) Accumulate points for every dollar you spent and redeem it with a shopping voucher.
:) Get a free E Learning / Assessment. Usual Price is $50 per month.
:) We have many tutors; we can quickly find a replacement for you if you are not comfortable with the tutor.
:)Many other services…

Promotion: Quote this number “9888” to get $10 voucher

Kindly call / SMS / WatsApp: Sarah RJ 92781240
Please state: student level/subject/budget/contact number/address
for faster response


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Hello Parents! An exciting new school term is going to start. If you are looking for good tutors around your area, please PM me at 8198 3643. Parents do not need to pay commission as tutors bear the commission. Our tutors are experienced and verified. Please visit KT Tuition Agency or call to enquire. No obligations. : )


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Hi all

I would like to recommend this tutor, Mr Andy, who has been teaching my son for 2 years. He is patient with my kid and always make sure my kid understand the questions thoroughly. He is also very well versed with the syllabus. Besides, he always ensure he make it for all lessons and never late for any of them. I have had many tutors before him but I must say I am really impressed with his teaching methods. My son had done very well for his exam this year and really improved a lot since Mr Andy taught him. A true professional!

You can find him at ExamSupermart - All you need to conquer the exams

Also, for a good tuition agency, please look for EdustarAsia Tuition Agency. The tuition coordinator is very friendly. They always reccomend a few tutors for you to select and always get back within a short time. Very Efficient.

For more information: Please check out or call 97382683.



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Just to share with you mummy's as well.

You can try easyahometuition. I engage this tutor from easyahometuition for my kids and it turns out well. My eldest son sec 2 score 83 from the previous 69 marks for his Math examination. Quite a great improvement.

I do not know if the tutor still have slots available as he is very famous in the North area. You can try your luck though. He got a website i think EasyA HomePage .

Results tuition

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Hi mummy,

School term is starting, and are you urgently looking for your tutors to help your child to improve on his/her school work?
Do you want to have tuition for your kid, and at the same time, have 2% rebate back to you on the tuition fee?

Let me help you:)

I am Michael, from Results Tuition agency.
I help to match parents with your ideal tutors.
I have a pool of experienced tutors at my database currently and you will have the privilege your suitable and ideal tutors from there!

kindly contact me @ 98465389 or Evelyn at 82330825 for a tutor now!!
Alternatively, please visit us at Results tuition- singapore best home tuition agency to register, or for more details!!

Do not worry about any agency fee, because you not have to pay any!

Hope you hear from you soon.
It will be my pleasant for me to serve you!



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There are quite alot of tuition agency out there, had a tough time choosing a suitable one as well. I was recommended to check out Welcome To BEST TUITION SG. To my surprise, the tutors are reliable and experience. I would recommend to others. Good luck.
Do you have a child who needs a little extra help with schoolwork? Or do you want your child to get ahead of the curve? If you want your child to catch up or get ahead, drop The Child's Achievement an email or call!

We are Singapore #1 Leading Tuition Agency, with a team of passionate education professionals, each with more than a decade of experience. We cover all grade school subjects, from science and math to language.

For more information, check out and we will be able to match the best tutor for your child! Otherwise, give us a call @ 97632953!
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Tuition Connector specializes in private tuition service in Singapore. We offer experienced home tutors for 1-to-1 home tuition – Primary, Secondary, JC and IB syllabus.
We’ve home tutors available for all subjects. Our objective is to offer the ideal private tutor for our students, in order to deliver good results.
We’ve Efficiently Assisted A Lot Of Students To Locate Their Ideal Tutors!
If you are a parent or student looking for an effective home tutor. Then you have come to the right place.

Our Methodology of Finding the Best Tutor: The 6 Sigma Way
1. Define: To understand your requirements and discuss possible root cause why your child’s result did not live up to expectation
2. Measure: To find out your child’s current school results and the specific topics that he/she needs to work harder on.
3. Analyse: To analyse your child’s needs base on the above findings
4. Improve: To locate an experienced tutor that fits into your child’s learning style and requirements
5. Control: To regularly monitor tutor’s results and weed out tutors that is unable meet our expectation

Contact us at 83283915 or visit our website to engage a tutor with us.


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but why go to an agency? they earn from commissions, so I personally think they might be more interested in closing the sale, regardless of whether the tutor is the best for your child?


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Errr... I prefer teaching my daughter by myself. Her teacher sent us to this site beestar for home study. It's fun. There are tons of resources to exploit, online stuff, books, DVDs, etc.
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