Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??


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Hi mummies out there . I am not promoting this masseurs by the name Madam Rosemawati. Frankly speaking she works hard to make every new mom please and she always make and effort to make sure you smile and the end of the massage. She have her own website right now and looking forward to work harder and her desire is to make every Mom smile. you can look at her website 9 Months Javanese Post Natal Massage | Singapore | Post Natal Massage . She offer 1 day trial post natal massage at $55 as this will give time for new mom who doubt about the service she provide before committed to any package. Hope this will help all new mom.
Hi recommend the company I used.... Postanal massage Singapore also called as PNSG. Their masseuse is Malay. You can tell they are so experienced in postnatal massage. The whole process is so relaxing and the result was so good!

I booked 10 sessions and get back to my pre-pregnancy shape when I finished my confinement period. They will visit your house in your confinement and you can have the massage in somewhere you are secure. Their package also includes a customised binder which determines by your height and weight and also all the lotion and oil to expel wind in your body!

Recommend their Postnatal service!


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Yeah. i agree mdm katijah is good in massaging. did my 2nd sessions with her today. see from the 1st day result my tummy really flatten alot.. and my uterus were shrinking down too.. before the massage.. was feeling terrible!! after the massage, she push up.. now feeling much much better!!

oh ya, loves.. she talked about you today! she was so happy that you actually recommend her to people in MummySg.
Hi could i have mdm katijah contact! Tyvm