Any mummies know how to make breastmilk soap?

Hi mummies,

I happened to chance upon this website which make use of mummy breastmilk to make cheese and soap, i thought the idea of making soap using our own breast milk sounds good if it is a waste to throw away excess breastmilk.
ANy mummies making the soap using their own breastmilk?

Care to share where to buy the ingredients and recipe?
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I have researched about this. If you are interested to make breastmilk soap, you can contact Ministry of Soap Soap Ministry | Handmade Soaps and Workshops. We cannot do homemake soap because Singapore does not allow the import of this important raw material for soap making, lye for commercial use. Therefore, Ministry of Soap send the breastmilk to Malaysia to make into soap and then import back the finished product.
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I can't here anywhere knows that.
Can i know here mummies please help.


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Dear all mummies, I can provide custom make breastmilk soap service to S'pore. Welcome to visit my blog:
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Dear Mommies..

Excess breast milk may consider to do a breast milk soap for kids to take bath.

May whatapps me to look out more 83one97one95.

Thank you.


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I believe you can get soap making kits from both Art Friend and Spotlight.. Just check with the counter staff.