Any one heard of columbia academy?


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Hi Mummies,

Any one heard of columbia academy at clark quay? They got an infant care there, my doctor recommended the center to me, I just visited the center last weekend and seems like not bad, and the teacher there seems like very professional. Thinking of to put my baby there, any feedback?




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I have 3 sets of uniforms, tracksuits and PE attire for those interested in signing up at Columbia Academy preschool at The Furniture Mall. Also their mattress for sale. Almost brand new as used only once. The uniforms are all in S size. Suitable for playgroup and pre-nursery.

Please call 96202853 for a good deal. Thanks!

I had enrolled my child in Oct 2016 but had to pull out after only 2 days due to some personal problems. So no comments and the uniforms have been washed but worn only once each. PE attire washed but not worn. Mattress has a cover over it, so it's like brand new.