Any part time cleaner for recommendation?

I need an experienced partime cleaner to do weekly cleaning job at Jurong West. 4hr cleaning job per wk.
Kindly pm me for any good recommendations. Thks.



You can try to call my PT cleaner at 9779 6255 (Chen Yun).
She comes to my house on weekly basis and she does the usual stuffs like vaccum, mop, wipe furniture in living area and kitchen, wash toilets, ironing etc.
The other stuffs like window cleaning, fan washing, I leave it to her to do it as and when necessary (once in tow or three weeks kind).
She charges $50 for 4 hours of work and so far her quality of work is good.

Should you call her, just let her know you got her number from Seng Kang 310B (Mrs Lee).
I do not earn anything from this deal but just want let her know that I recommend people to her so she will all the more clean my house properly :)

Good Luck !


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I engaged this chinese lady to do some cleaning and chores for my house for quite some time. She is really detailed & hardworking & reliable.

She provides cleaning services island-wide.

If you wanna give it a try, you may contact her at 90726667. Her name is Ah Xiu.


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Hi I m looking for a part-time maid to help out with cleanings. Either weekly or ad- hoc, location at Jurong. Anyone has contacts, pls pm me. Thanks

If you employ a foreign "part-time" maid, domestic helper, they musteither be
- Singaporeans /w compulsory CPF contributions (so that they can get governmentworkfare bonus)
- Singapore PRs /w compulsory CPF contributions (so that they can getgovernment workfare bonus)

If they do not get their CPF, they can go to CPF Board tosue you and you will be liable for criminal charge. Even if they ‘agree’ totake cash in private, if things go sour between you and them, they may ‘stilldecide’ to go to CPF Board to sue you and CPF will still go after you.

Any filipino / Indonesian/ or other country maids working OUTSIDE theiroriginal employer's houses ARE DEEM TO BE CONDUCTING IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, canbe ARRESTED and CHARGED in SINGAPORE COURT and DEPORTED BACK TO THEIR HOMECOUNTRY.

The employment agencies supplying such 'part-time maids' are liable of up toS$80,000 fine by MOM and the house owner employing the part-time services ofthe filipino / Indonesian / or other country 'part-time' maids is also liableto be fined up to S$15,000 by MOM. Pleading 'ignorance' is not an excuse ofviolating Singapore Law.

MOM Officers are stepping up their inspections from 500 to 5,000 per year.

You have been warned. It doesn't pay to pay less for illegal maids.
Look for cleaning companies who only supply Singaporean or PR helpers, ORforeign helpers with PROPER WORK PERMITS. These come at a premium cost, but atleast you can be assured you are acting in accordance with Singapore Law andyou can sleep in peace. More and more have been caught and charged.



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Hi mz85,

I am stay in Sengkang and looking for a part time cleaner is your mum still available?



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I would like to recommend my mum. She does part time cleaning for house hold and she has been in this line about 10 years. And recently there is a household who employs her almost daily for almost 7 or 8 years for clean up is moving to somewhere further and inaccessible. Hence, my mum decided not to work for them anymore. BTW, her available slot is only for weekdays afternoon, as weekends she is fully booked. Coming May, she will be available for certain days in the morning slot.

She prefers area like Sengkang/punggol or places near Sengkang. If you're interested do pm me for her contact or email me at zhu85 at hotmail dot com. Any questions you may call her and inquire.

She's pretty easy going and have been getting referrals from other household who she worked for. So, you can see how satisfied they are with my mum and they have no complains at all. And she did a few household at sengkang, but they moved further and hoped that my mum would still work for them, but due to inaccessibility my mum decline. If you stays at SengKang or Punggol, and need part time cleaner, please pm/ email me.

Hi mz85,

I am stay in Sengkang and looking for a part time cleaner is your mum still available?


Melody Low

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Hi All, I'm living at Punggol West and looking for a part time cleaner for Alternate Week House Cleaning (4 hours per session). Recently the market rate is very expensive. I'm looking for S$15 per hour prefer in weekend or if not weekday evening. The service must include ironing.



Wet dust can’t fly. That’s a fact!
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With the Ritello, clean is here to stay. So is healthy! While safeguarding your ambient air, it reduces airborne allergens such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander.


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View attachment 137454

1. Using Water to Trap Dust
The Ritello works like Mother Nature but in reverse, it uses water, to trap dust, dirt and odors, returning only clean and fresh air to your premises.

2. A Programmable Screen

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4. Speeds at your Fingertips

The Ritello offers 4 different motor speeds. To wash your Indoor Air select the first speed, then the Ritello will start cleaning your ambient air silently. Select the 2nd and 3rd speeds to clean your Drapes and Upholstery. For the deep-rooted sand select the 4th speed and connect the PowerBrush for best cleaning results.

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No more wire tangling, the new Ritello wands have built-in wires for an easy connection. To attach a tool simply twist it onto the wand and snap it on.

6. Pull-Pull Mechanism

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7 & 8. Illuminates

Your Ritello & its related PowerBrush illuminate when power is activated. Lights inside the Ritello basin allows you to see the water action and the dirt trapping; while the PowerBrush LED headlights will ensure you do not miss a spot.

9. Height Adjustment

The unique height adjustment pedal offers 5 surface height settings. The PB-G4 series (power brush) height adjustment can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thicknesses.


    • Air Purifier and Odor Eliminator
    • Recommended for people with Allergies and Breathing Problems
    • Uses Water to trap Dust and Dirt
    • Dual Power Motor
    • 100% cleaning efficiency – No suction loss
    • No Vacuum Bags
    • Small in size
    • Eliminates Dust Mites
    • Ecological Friendly Product
    • Great product to clean and care about your pets
    • Certified as a Health related product
To learn more information about the Ritello System, Please contact us at: 91220579 email us at
If you have a used vacuum or purifier, you can use that to trade in with us to get a further discount.


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I would also love to recommend one part time cleaner here. Experienced and gentle Chinese speaking auntie. Rate is usually $60 for 4 hours

If interested, contact her directly @8166 7535


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Hi all, would like to recommend my part time cleaners. They clean my whole house for $60 (5 Room Executive HDB). That is their flat rate for 2/3/4/5 room HDB and single storey condo.

Typically for my house it takes them about 2 hours using 2 ppl. They are able to use their own equipment if you don't have like vacuum. For my house, they do vacuum and mop floor, wash 2 toilets, clean kitchen stove and hood, wipe general surfaces like tables.

What I like about them is that they don't use chemical products, only enzyme and probiotic based. So I don't need to worry about my cats being around while they clean the house. Ppl with eczema can also consider their services. My nephew has external contact eczema, their cleaning solution doesn't irritate his skin.

As far as I know, their services extend to all areas of Singapore (you can ask them to double check).. If keen can contact Aaron at 9821 6079. ^_^