Any recomended salon for shiseido rebonding??

Discussion in 'Hair Care Beauty' started by apollo, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    i'm looking for hair salon which do rebonding using shiseido products...

    i've tried some salons which cause my hair to become fizzy... anyone have any recommendations on salon which do shiseido rebonding? good quality, good service and lasting...

    thanks in advance:tlaugh:
  2. jassmine

    jassmine Member

    i know 1 salon at yew tee mrt using shiseido, just below the food court in front of the mrt station, now having promotion $99/unlimited hair length with treatment if i not wrong~ i do my rebonding there b4 not bad. look for rebrecca

    salon name kelly salon or something cant really remember:001_302:
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  3. karenpink

    karenpink Member

    Hi I'm a hairstylist at Ang mo kio ave 5 we are using shiseido rebonding for long hair is $88 ex long $98 with a haircut and a treatment aft the rebonding we will use the shiseido rebonding cream infront of the customs to show them that we are using the real stuff
  4. LadyInRedOne

    LadyInRedOne Member

    Re: Any good hair stylist for natural curl hair to recommend?
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  5. kala

    kala New Member

    how much for shiseido rebonding?

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