Any Recommend in Good English Tutor For Pri School Student


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Hi I have engaged a private tutor to coach my girl in English as well and she have been showing substantial improvement in her grades. Moreover, I feel that the tutor is a very good role model for my daughter. I got my girl's tutor through a recommended tuition agent. Quite efficient I would say. If you are looking for reliable and qualified tutors, you can call her at 93836818. Her name is Cheryl.

I hope my advice would be useful :)
Hi Mrs Ting
I am looking for a good and reliable english primary private tutor for my son. I have tried a tutition center but I dont really like their approach - not focusing on the basic. So I saw your recommendation on this tutor.

May I how old was your daughter when you engaged this tutor? Thanks
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Dear parents,

I am Ms Chen, a previous school teacher specializing in coaching English/Humanities Subjects. I have 4years of teaching experiences in schools and had taught in Anderson Primary and Victoria School. I decided to be a full time tutor as I recognized the need of students who require individual attention, being in a class of at least 25 students, teacher is unable to focus on each individual.
Location of tuition: Ang Mo Kio Block 626. Tuition location will be in AMk block
541 from September onwards as I'll be moving around end August.

*Group tuition of minimum 2 people and maximum of 6 people
A test will be conducted to determine your children learning style; 'tactile, auditory or visual' to help enhance your children learning*progress. A assessment will be conducted on the first lesson to help indentify your children weakness and strengths. Different child learn differently, thus in order to maximum your child's ability, the appropriate teaching style have to be incorporated during lessons.

I do not believe in using tons of assessment book as most of the assessment book sold in the market only consists of a few excerises from each topic and students who are weaker in certain topics will not have sufficient practices. Thus I provide teaching material and assigns homework base on individual learning progress.

Listed below are the subjects available:
v* Primary 1 – Primary 6 English
v* Primary 3 – Primary 6 Sciences
v* Secondary 1 – Secondary 4 English
v* Secondary 3 – Secondary 4 Geography
Tuition fees:
Primary 1/2 *********************** $12/hour
Primary 3/4******** ************** $14/hour
Primary 5/6************************ $16/hour

Secondary 1/2 * * * * * * * * * $20/hour
Secondary 3/4 * * * * * * * * * $22/hour
*All prices quote are for 1 subject.
Kindly email to if you have any enquiry.


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Hi iamjulie,

Just curious, are you a tuition agent? All your posts seem to recommend your agent. Do join in the other threads/discussions about infants/toddlers/children :)

If you are an agent, just be upfront about it & mummies here will support you if they need your services. We dont't hide anything in this forum :) At least we know who to contact if we need to get tutors (I'm considering getting a tutor for my boy who needs someone to teach him phonics).

Hi I m staying at Punggol... Do you still have vacant for my girl P4 English tuition? She is rather weak in her English and I do send her for English tuition at the centre but show no improvement. I need someone who can start to teach her from basic to build her foundation.


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Dear all, I am a coordinator for iChamp Tuition Agency. If you would like us to help you source for a good and qualified tutor, please register with us at iCHAMP Tuition Agency - Singapore Tuition Agency. We are having a promotion now for the March school holidays. The first 200 tutors or students who register with iChamp Tuition Agency will stand a chance to win $100 Popular Bookstore Gift Vouchers. There are 3 sets of vouchers to be given away. Winners will be announced at our website. Tutors who sign up during this period will also enjoy special promotion rate. Alternatively, you can send us an email at with your requirements. Thanks.


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Hi, my friend's son just came from China. The boy will start his Pri 1 schooling this month, but his English is terrible, so urgently need a good English tutor.

Any recommend???:Dancing_wub:

Hi, may I know if you're still looking for an English tutor?

I'm able to start immediately. Patient & have a daughter of my own so I'm comfortable with kids.

[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Name: Nicole Joey Leong
[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Age: 20[/FONT]
[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Gender: Female[/FONT]
[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Race: Chinese
[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Contact Number: 81131245[/FONT]
[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Qualifications: English 'O' Level - C5[/FONT]
Available Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri - After 7.30pm. Sat: Anytime but preferably morning. Sundays: After 5pm.
[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Tuition Experience: No experience[/FONT]
[FONT=Teen, sans-serif]Fees: $25 - $30/hour[/FONT]




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my youngest son went through tuition through this english tuition agency and scored an A1 in his English o level examination. I think the teacher was very meticulous and patient with him because my son is abit naughty and restless. I tried another tutor from here for my second son and he had an A in "A" levels from prelim score of "E". Pretty amazing stuff.
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Hi, we provide reliable and peofessional home tutors for your child and its 100% free because you only pay for the leasons your received. No matter what your budget is, we have the right tutors for you. Give us a call or sms to 98319486 for further details. Thank you


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We are a group of current school teachers providing 1 to 1 home Tuition (Group/Individual) in Singapore for all levels (including specialised subjects like POA, Design and Technology ['NA', "NT" and 'O' level themes released on 14th Jan 2013] for Upper Secondary).

English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese for Primary levels.
English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, D&T for Lower Secondary.
English, E/A Mathematics, Chinese, Pure Physics/Chemistry/Biology, Combined Science, POA, Design and Technology for Upper Secondary.

Interested please kindly email to us :

Please kindly indicate your location, level, subjects involved, current school, most recent results, available days and timing, no. of hours per session, no. of sessions per month, 1 to 1 or you have a group of 2 or more students per session, hourly rate that you can offer.
Hi. I'm Shela, working for a tuition agency in Singapore. Anyone of you who are still looking for a tutor, give me a call at 6858 6359. Thanks! :)


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Hi Stonston,

Are you still available to take in a P5 Student? My boy is weak in his Compre qn and Compre Cloze.

I need to get him a private tutor teaching in small group or 2-1 to tackle his weakness. I am residing in Sengkang, do let me know.

Thanks a lot!


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There are quite alot of tuition agency out there, had a tough time choosing a suitable one as well. I was recommended to check out Welcome To BEST TUITION SG or call 9858 5021. To my surprise, the tutors are reliable and experience. I would recommend to others. Good luck.


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I'm a current school teacher giving private tuition to Primary Level students. Just some comments of teaching english.

English can be taught but it has to start from basics. For every tuition student I teach, we always start from basics (grammar, sentence structure). Many students do not perform well because they go not have a strong foundation in grammar. It pulls them down in many areas: composition writing, synthesis and transformation, cloze passage and comprehension. And these components are the ones that take up a larger percentage of the english exam done in schools.

Some children have very wide vocabulary, but they lack basic grammar knowledge resulting in poor sentence structure and poor understanding.

English tuition is not a overnight solution but with at least 3-4 months of work, the child will be more confident and will be able to see improvements.

Hi Stonston,

Just checking if you are still taking any students? My girl is in P3 now and needs help with her English.

Hope to hear from you soon.

I am a trainer specialised in incorporating academic work with cognitive training. I have been in this line for more than 8 years and worked with many children as young as 4 years old. Through cognitive training, these children are more attentive, faster in processing and learning, able to write neater, communicate better and more appropriately etc. What's more, apart from the cognitive training, these children also undergo academic mentoring and tutoring so that apart from improving cognitive skills, their academics are looked into too! With stronger cognition, children learn easier and hence, yield much better results! To learn more, do not hesitate to email me at or visit my Facebook page for tips and information (look for 'Brain Mindsters').