Any Recommend in Good English Tutor For Pri School Student


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Hi I'm opening a small group English tuition at Balestier Rd 7th Jan 6pm. Feel free to bring your kids P1-P3 to have a trial lesson. 93684551


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Dear Parents, my name is Raymund and I am the mentor teacher in a premium English enrichment and tuition centre. Due to the suspension of centre-based lessons, I happen to be available for the month of April (or beyond) to conduct home-based tuition lessons. I am offering primary level tuition, teaching skills and strategies to deal with the various components your child faces in his/her examinations. If you are interested in acquiring my services, please contact me via phone or email (94748878 or


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Hi! I've got a good EMS tutor to recommend! But I'm not sure how many slots she has left as usually she is fully booked. Do find her on Instagram @teacher_trelyn and watch her IGTV lesson previews! I'd say that most, if not all tutors can teach, but if you are looking for someone who has a very unique method of teaching, do give her a try. I think she is doing customisable lessons now, like if your child just needs like to fix certain misconceptions or understanding on specific topics, I think you can just schedule a few lessons with her, but timing wise may not be ideal as I couldn't get the timings i wanted for my child. But i made do with it and I decided to engage her full time! Hope it helps! Just helping her out with this recommendation as I know everyone is affected by the Covid-19 situation and why not help one another out here right? Good things, must share! All the best, stay safe and healthy:)


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For languages like English, personally i feel it's really difficult to teach by someone else. Maybe you can buy some english story books for your child to start good reading habit?

Try to frequent Borders. They have very interesting story books for children. I usually bring my children there during weekends.

If you want to find good tutor contacts, you can pm me. I have good experience with an agent who is responsible and committed to helping you =)
sounds interesting

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