Any recommendation for formula milk for babies with excessive phlegm/congestion?

Discussion in 'Parenting Special Needs Child' started by yummymummy, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. yummymummy

    yummymummy Member

    hi mummies, if you have baby with excessive phlegm - thick, gooey, and always trying to cough it out, can share what milk powder you use that can improve/worsen the phlegm production. thanks.
  2. limjacelyn

    limjacelyn New Member

    My girl also had the same problem and I bought her to see a chinese physician. I was recommended goat's milk cos it's easier to digest as compared to cow's milk, as I was told..
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  3. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    I think u cld just make ur milk a bit warmer so as to dissolve the phlegm n give baby warm water to drink.My son used to get tht quite abit.
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  4. yummymummy

    yummymummy Member

    but does the goat milk have the same amount of nutrition? did you try? did it work?
  5. mom@home

    mom@home New Member

    If your child is 1 yo and above, you can try to give him/her Pediasure. But some pediatricians say Pediasure is high on sugar, so they recommend Enercal Plus.
  6. yummymummy

    yummymummy Member

    thanks, now on pediasure and growing. :Dancing_wub:

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