Any review for Sparkletots PCF?

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  1. cel.lea

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    I'm new in this site & seeking feedback on Sparkletots child care centre. My son is in one of the new branch. It's my 1st experience dealing with a childcare centre. My toddler had bitten & been bitten. I am having doubts on the school on several issues etc under-staff, 3 mths changes 2 teachers

    Anyone who can advise?

  2. qwqwq

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    Welcome to this forum
  3. chenSee

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    Hmm in which particular area are you referring? Sparkletots PCF has a lot of branches and each brand has different types of services.. :)
  4. 7LegSotong

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    Hi, I like to ask for review in teck whye and choa chu kang central branch too
  5. scorpiogal

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    Hi, anyone place their kid at Blk 219 Bishan pcf Sparkletots? Met their principal and she showed us around. Friendly and gives good vibes, but place is a little small though its new. Any reviews on their curriculum ?
  6. Alisa

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    my son is in Paris Ris PCF Sparkletots, we like it and he loved it. he is much happlier than the previous school, teachers are very caring too. He is going to transfer to playgroup in Jun.
  7. imjane

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    may i know the area of Sparkletots are you referring? cause Sparkletots has a lot of branches :)
  8. tessrn83

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    Hi! Did you proceed with the sparkle tots in Bishan? how was it? any feedback? coz I am planning to transfer my baby there. thanks
  9. sufianshah

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    Dear Parents,

    i would personally not recommend PCF Sparkletots Kebun Baru Blk 172 to any parents who intend to send their infants or toddlers there. Me and wife had such bad experience that we would not want any parents to feel the same. Just to summarize our experience in detail..

    1) Unfriendly and unwelcoming teachers (Always looking glum and unhappy whenever parents fetch their kids back)
    2) No proper system in place (No SOPs on etc, sick children, programme illustration)
    3) Poor administrative system in place. (No records on payment made, poor handling of individual records)
    4) Negative atmosphere at a childcare centre.

    Most importantly, a Principal who does not abide by the rules and not living up the core values and expectations of what a teacher should be.

    With that, these are just our personal view on PCF Sparkletots Kebun Baru Blk 172. But do not misinterpret us. PCF as a whole is indeed a well established organization and i believe they will provide the best and better prepare our children in the future.

    Thank you,
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    Hi all the forum, I'm from Vietnam

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