Anybody like to watch Hong Kong TVB Drama Serials?

Discussion in 'Arts and Entertainment' started by Winnie_ gal, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Winnie_ gal

    Winnie_ gal Member

    As Above? i love to watch TVB Drama~ :Dancing_wub:

    I love to watch this show The Family Link
  2. smurferoos

    smurferoos Member

    I love Hk TVB Drama too! Now i am watching Land of Wealth. Who act in The Family Link?
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  3. aapoh

    aapoh Member

    Me...TVB Fans....

    last week finished watching 'Father n Sons'....

    currently stop cos eldest dd is having her exams....
  4. Agnes Josephine

    Agnes Josephine Active Member

  5. spottycow

    spottycow Member

    Me Me!! Especially if it is in its original Cantonese version :001_302:
  6. Winnie_ gal

    Winnie_ gal Member

    Read thsi from a website~ here is the story :wong29:

    Title: The Family Link
    Release date: 18 May 2007
    No. of episodes: 21

    Cast: Tang Shui Man, Sheung Tin Ngor, Yip Tung, Leila Tong, Tse Tin Wah, Keung Tai Wai, Ma Kwok Ming, Chen Fala

    Story: Many people say that housewives are good-for-nothing and will only idle away their time on boring chores. But MUNG KA-KA (TANG SHUI MAN, SHEREN), TING MUI-HEUNG (YIP TUNG, CECILIA) and CHO MEI-NGO (SHEUNG TIN NGOR, KIKI) will prove them wrong. Contrary to what you might think, being a housewife is as stressful as fighting in the battlefield. The never-ending housework and the persistent family conflicts will put them on the alert at all times. KA suspects that her husband FONG YIN-CHO (TSE TIN WAH, MICHAEL) is a cross-dresser and her constant worries have caused her to suffer from anxiety disorder. HEUNG has contracted a sexually transmitted disease from her spouse while NGO agrees to arrange a sham divorce for the sake of his husband without knowing that he has been cheating on her. The women’s neighbor KO WING-KUEN (KEUNG TAI WAI) was widowed in his younger days. Since the death of his wife, he has taken up all kinds of domestic work, which puts him in a very awkward position. The wife of KAM SHING-TSUN (MA KWOK MING), the owner of a tea restaurant in the neighborhood, has recently committed suicide. Before the tragedy took place, the three housewives had given the lady a warning, about which they feel so guilty.....
  7. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    I do watch TVB actually tw/korea drama i aso like :tlaugh:
  8. lml2402

    lml2402 Member

    Yes, me I love TVB Drama :Dancing_wub:
  9. Carol

    Carol Member

    Im a big fan .
    My favourites . Heart of greed and Dicey business :001_302:
  10. wilcris

    wilcris Member

    Me too TVB lover... Dicey business is starting to watch steps...
  11. ewe

    ewe New Member

    watching 'Men don't cry' very funni :001_302: 'the crime fighter' also good
  12. jasminewayne

    jasminewayne Member

    Wah Woh Hoo Ha !!! :tcool: So many TVB fans here!!! :twink: I'm one as well! :purple:Yeah agree with Carol that Heart of greed and Dicey business is the best!!! :blue: Now the Channel 55, both shows also not bad! :Dancing_biggrin: Only if I buy the serials, than can I enjoyed it in Cantonese, if not usually it's in Chinese on Channel 55. :tlaugh: Save money! Hahaha :ttongue:
  13. Carol

    Carol Member

    Ya I prefer to watch in Cantonese too .
  14. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    Me too.. My 1st TV drama was TVB "She Tiao Ying Siong Zuan" Starring Felix Wong and Wang Mei Ling...

    Thumb up !!
  15. smurferoos

    smurferoos Member

    Yes I agree 'She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan' is my all time favourite!! Love it! Those after it, I feel not as good!
  16. leey

    leey Member


    I like it too.
  17. priscilla

    priscilla Member

    I love TVB drama too but I prefer the Cantonese verison.

    Here's the link to the list of TVB Dramas:

    2005 List

    2006 List

    2007 List

    2008 List

    I have just completed,
    1) The Drive of Life
    2) The Brink of Law
    3) Under the canopy of love
    4) Steps
    5)Triumph of the sky
    6) Love Bonds
    and there are alot more that I could not recall the titles.

    Currently watching
    1) The Gateau Affairs
    2) Heart of Greed
  18. joc

    joc New Member

    Me too. Love to watch Hk TVB drama & also Tawian & Korean drama.:Dancing_wub:
  19. jasminewayne

    jasminewayne Member

    Channel 55 is going to show Dicey Business soon. Haiz... Already finish it long ago...
    Good news is Heart of Greed have part 2... :tlaugh:
  20. jtay72

    jtay72 New Member

    now i am watching war in law 2 and survivor's law 2, quite funny!

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