Anyone bring baby to genting?

Discussion in 'Travel & Leisure' started by woofy55, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. woofy55

    woofy55 Member

    my baby is now 2months old.. thinking of driving up to Genting.. anyone travel to genting with baby this young? what should i take note?
  2. missblue18

    missblue18 Member

    hi i brought my girl to genting recently but she is already 9mths plus then...on the way up the mountain try to breast feed or feed her formula so tat air pressure not so bad for your baby....other than tat shd be ok...remember to buy mineral water and boil if you want to feed formula coz my friend's daughter kept vomitting after she gave normal tap water which was boiled....
  3. Xmasbaby

    Xmasbaby Member

    Hi mommies, anyone has experience bringing baby to Genting via coach? Baby will be 1yo. Thanks.

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