anyone brought under-1 year old bb to bintan lagoon?

Discussion in 'Travel & Leisure' started by mummysketches, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. mummysketches

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    hi all,

    taking a family trip with my 9mth old DD. she's on 2 solid feeds and formula. wondering how you all cope with solids and water? is it safe to just use the boiled tap water at bintan? and solids how? is it ok to eat food from the restaurant there? thinking of asking them to specially prepare food that not salted. else i might just bring bottled foods.

    any feedback welcome! thanks.
  2. stonston

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    I brought my boy on his first trip when he was 10 months old. We went to Pangkor Island. He was on 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

    - He was on TBF at that time, so I was the walking cow. Quite convenient :) Just bring a BF shawl :)
    - Water: It was a 3D2N trip and my boy did not drink alot (cos of EBM), my hub packed and brought our own bottled water from home.
    - My cousin's kids were on FM, so they went to clinic to buy those sample packs (individual servings in each sachet). The resort has a hot water flask in each room. Some of them brought their own water, some of them bought bottled water when we reached there.

    - Bought organic bottled food. Asked the kitchen to cook plain porridge with no seasoning, then mix with bottled food.
    - Bought organic powdered cereal (oats) to mix with hot water. Added some cut fruits from the breakfast buffet line. Also bought fruit puree (bottled) to mix with the oats.

    The restaurant boss for the resort we stayed at was very nice. Cos we travelled in a big group and have quite a few kids, he offered to cook baby porridge for us. He personally cooked to make sure no seasonings at all. So one of the dinners, we took the offer and he cooked sweet potato porridge with steamed fish (only put ginger slice). The fish is fresh fish which he just fished that same afternoon. My boy loved it. Slurp it up very fast!
  3. mummysketches

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    oh wow! how nice of the resort owner.

    yah. it's a pity i stopped BF. DD was on TBM till about 2 mths ago. now i hv to headache about bringing so many things. argh! didn't think that far when we booked the vacation.

    so you won't suggest i boil the tap water at bintan? i was thinking of bringing my own electric kettle just in case the kettle at the hotel is too yucky.

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