anyone can recommend which cellulite cream is good?

Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by shirasefira, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. shirasefira

    shirasefira New Member

    :001_302:need to get rid all these stubborn cellulite bt dunnoe which brand to buy... anyone cn recommend???
  2. angelgirl

    angelgirl New Member

    hey i've tried nivea b4. but there's not really much effect. i think i was not putting in enough effort for tt. which part are ur cellulite at? tummy? thigh? butt?
  3. shirasefira

    shirasefira New Member

    my butt area:001_302:
  4. pineappletart

    pineappletart Member

    i think if you have no health problems, exercise is the best solution. though i saw one tv program before, it claimed that the expensive cellulite cream and excercise has the same result. no brands were mentioned.
  5. shirasefira

    shirasefira New Member

    tats e problem wif me... im very2 lazy to exercise... hee... btw thnx for e info
  6. SCartoon

    SCartoon Alpha Male

    Hi! you should use the Galvanic SPA with Body shaping gel. its helps in reducing cellulite!
  7. christin208

    christin208 New Member

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  8. tpy

    tpy Member

    Galvanic Spa is proven to reduce or even make cellulite disappear. You can do it anytime u want. can also use it on face for lightening pigmentation, remove dead cells, remove fine lines around our neck and face. My consultant would be able to do a free demo. Do Pm me if u r keen to know more from us:)
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  9. superberry

    superberry New Member

    Tolpa Express Anti-Cellulite Serum that show effects after 14 Days (reduce hips -2cm / thighs -1.5cm / reduce body fat 17%). Works on sensitive hypoallergenic skin, excess body fat, uneven skin texture, fluid retention and especially well on soft cellulite.
  10. jazzpollard

    jazzpollard New Member

    I know that it is bit confusing to choose which cellulite cream is good and which not??? Its hard to decide which will work and which will not work for cellulite??? Nowadays there are many cellulite creams that are available for cellulite removal without any side effects...These creams contains caffeine which is the most effective ingredient for cellulite reduction and can be used effectively orally also....I know that you must have a question that does cellulite creams work but according to me it will definitely work for you...Try those creams only which has natural ingredients and never think to go for surgery because i know that these creams will show the results quite slowly but they will be long lasting and permanent...

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