Anyone have any experience with BCATS?

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    Hi everyone, my daughter whom is 3yrs and 9mths is suspected to have mild ASD. She has been seeing a SLT for language delay and OT for Sensory issues. She is currently attending school in a mainstream kindergarten and seems to be doing well. While she does not portray to have social or behavioral issues but her interactive skills are clearly delayed as compared to her peers. Echolia is also present occasionally when she seemed 'stuck' and doesn't know what to say. Meanwhile, her SLT/OT and doctor doesn't think a formal assessment or EIPIC necessary at the moment. They think we should 'wait and see'. While doing that, i can't help but still have concerns. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice if we should kick start EIPIC for her? If yes, any advise on which are the better centers? And also i've heard of BCATS which provide a different type of intervention program. Anyone have any idea if they are any good? Advices and suggestions deeply appreciated!

    Many thanks!

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