Anyone keen to work from home?


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anyone who's tried.. what company is this and what products they dealing with? care to share? thnx
Actually nobody have tried. Pple tink this is MLM business. Never gif a chance to explain. But they have to know what MLM really is b4 they can compare rite? You can't judge a company to be MLM just bcoz it has a system slightly similar to MLM. You can't say an apple is a pear juz bcoz it's slightly green.

This company also has requirements b4 enrollment. I will make it clear that not everyone can enroll. But like any job it requires effort but best thing is tt we work as a team and from home. Cannot juz shake leg & hope $ will come. For those stay home moms, teamwork is essential coz they can't go out everytime so other pple in the same team can help out. You can do it part time or full time. Its up to u. Explaining over the phone abt the job is difficult, tts y I would like to arrange to meet so I can show everything. Like they say, pix say a thousand words. Once you see wat the company is all abt, then you'll know y its not MLM. This company adopts the same concept since its opening 25 yrs ago, tts b4 MLM came into play in SG. Their concept is so unique that it is patented. No company in the world has the same concept bcoz they want rich to be richer & poor to be poorer. They'll understand all this when I get to meet to them. I am not a salesperson. I cannot do sales even if my life depended on it.

I only strive to help pple not cheat them.Whether they want to help themselves is entirely up to them.


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Hi peeps,Juz want to inform you guys that there is a live web seminar regarding this job tomorrow 26feb @ 8-9pm.I'll show you what the company is all about and how you can earn more and more income as the months go by.I would like to emphasize that this is not MLM.When I show you what the company is all about pls reserve your judgement until you watch till the end.U will then see the common sense in what i have been doing and also you can see what this opportunity can do for you.Either way there is no one to force you since its presented on the web.Unlike MLM people who in my experience put pressure on me to join.He even lock the door & refuse to open till i sign.Needless to say i called my best friend to intervene.999.Haha.

If anyone is interested, pls drop me an email @ so i can forward you the web seminar link.
hahaha... i keen to work from home... but i realise that out of 10 home based job, 9 is mlm or mlm related... No offence, I have tried and was in MLM or related biz. I think its a good biz model. But I think for now, no more for me :). Need a break from this biz model.

I heard a lot abt MLM related or so-call not MLM biz (trading-Eumora, eco friendly supermarket-mananuka (right spelling??))... but its all abt the same.

Just saying my tots la...



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Hi dolphin-101.It seems you have been thru quite alot.That is why i emphasized that this job is not for everyone.Since this is a part time job, people tend to slack as there is nobody to monitor your work progress.So discipline plays a big part in this.Next is a person's hunger.Hunger to be financially free.The bigger the hunger the faster you see results.Usually its those who r hard up on money that succeeds.Coz they have that hunger to motivate them.

I wish u all the best in ur future endeavors. Hope you find what u r looking for.

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