anyone take DHA fish oil?


I took the one my gynae recommended. I'm use to taking large pill so no problem in swallowing. I give my kids fish oil too. KIDSMART, am looking for another brand. Any good ones to recommend and where to get them. Thanks.


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hello mummies, i highly recommend Usana's fishoil (BiOmega), which is suitable for both children, adult & the pregnant. The oil comes from sardines, anchovies and mackerels (avoid salmon has it has high bad cholesterol). It has also been clinically tested to contain the optimal ratio of EPA and DHA to boost brain memory and reduce body inflammation. Excess EPA can also be converted into DHA in our body. :)

I have been taking it for the last 2.5 years and cholesterol level has reduced & maintained, muscles stay lean longer and my friends' kids also said their memory and concentration have improved. Best of all, it tastes of LEMON!! Adults and children love them and it only cost $37 for 56 capsules.

I'm collating orders from my friends now. PM me if you would like to include your share too :))

louis teo

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i have been taking it before pregnant until delivered. it's wonderful fish oil without much smell.
if you want, i am very much like to share with you.


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Fish Oil - Fish oil of this brand I drink on breastfeeding, tk. high level of DHA, it is useful for the development of the baby and support of her body, she was looking for an alternative to the multicomplex Fembion 2 and found twice cheaper on this site, and the quality is excellent, did not disappoint, her hair began to grow after the phase of prolapse, brain activity improved, disappeared syndrome of "prolactin brains", in general, the state of well-being is much better, because night feeding makes itself felt, skin, nails, everything is good, no belching, the baby has allergies, too. Swallow easily, drink once a day. When it ends, I drink the same brand of omega 3 premium.
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