Anyone taken Duphaston & everything went well?

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by zaclin29, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. zaclin29

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    I would like to know if anyone has taken Duphaston & everything went well?
    I had a M/C last June and got a positive urine preg test recently and my gyane immediately prescribed Duphaston for 2 wks before my check up.
    She said it is to stabilise the pregnancy.
    However I am still worried that history will repeat itself.

    Appreciate it if anyone can give their feedback/experience after taking Duphaston.

  2. SSWL123

    SSWL123 New Member

    So far i have been taking duphaston since week 6, so far so good, spotting stop and I try walking lesser excessively.
  3. anyagujraal

    anyagujraal Member

    What ever your gyne told is correct. It is very effective to control spotting.
  4. Berriesweet

    Berriesweet New Member

    Hi do you know why some pregnant ladies have to take Duphaston & Pregnyl? And what are they used for actually ????

    I am preg with 6-weeks too & gynae prescribed Duphaston together with Pregnyl injection for me. Pls advise. Thanks!!!
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  5. shannontohch

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    Hi, I'm on Duphaston since week 3 to 4. I had a m/c last July at week 7 so my doc prescribed me with Duphaston as soon as I confirmed my pregnancy this time using a pregnancy test kit and she confirmed with u/s. I think she wants to be on the safe side for me this time round. I'm at week 6 now so I'm hoping everything goes smoothly.

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